101 facts about me

Here we go, interesting things about, ME! 1. My full name is Victoria Elizabeth Winstanley 2. My Mum does not know why she named me this, this was not the name that she had chosen for me 3. The names my Mum had picked out were Christopher for a boy and Penny for a girl 4.
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My first time – Doing THE SEX

As a teenager growing up, what did you think your first time was going to be like? Yes folks, I am talking about “The Sex”. Did you imagine roses, a huge comfortable bed, romance like in the movies. You and your then boyfriend in a mad passionate embrace that felt like it would never end?
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The one where I got a tampon stuck

At BritMums Live 2015, I had the chance to meet Carol Smiley, who was there with her new range of women’s pants called Diary Doll, especially designed for those unfortunate accidents and mishaps we all have in womanhood. Standing chatting to Carol about periods and all things girly that should have a big TMI stamp
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Dating Disasters

*Warning – contains topics of an adult nature and swearing.* Online dating is a scary place. My last four long term relationships have been with people I have met online. 18 years ago when I would say that my, then boyfriend, and I met online there were looks of horror and concern – especially from
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Memories that shape your childhood – the one with the blow up doll

Growing up, I always thought my parents were odd.  But then, I guess everyone did, really.  But when I say odd, I do actually mean odd.  Do not get me wrong, I loved my parents and still wish they were around today, but now being a mother myself and a throw away comment that Nathan
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Elusive alone time as a parent

When you become a parent there is this sudden realisation that no matter what you in your life, until your children reach an age of being independent, you will have lost yours, and maybe gone slightly insane in the process.  Being a single parent as well means that this alone time and independence is snatched
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Confessions of a Single Parent

As a parent, we go through all sorts of ups and downs. Being a single parent, especially when there are young children around is a whole different world. I bet that with the list below you will be nodding and agreeing that you have done at least some of these as a parent or mother.
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The Dating Game – Random Messages

Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, Tinder, Uniform Dating, Match.com, Eharmony … If you have ever used one of these websites you will know that no matter if the site is free or one you pay a monthly subscription to, the vast majority of men who message you have one thing on their minds. Sex. Sometimes,
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