Oh Chicken Nuggets!

As parents we have choice words which we use in place of swear words when around children.  Fudge, Fiddlesticks, baskets, britches and many more, I am sure, you have either heard as a parent, or used yourself in time.  There as supposedly seven “bad” words in the English language which are classed as swear words
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Setting your imagination free

Inspiring the imagination in children happens from the world around us, their minds constantly thinking, wondering and wanting to explore the world.  Arthouse Ltd provided children across the UK with a stimulus to get their imaginations going in the form of samples from their new Imagination Fun Collection.  From there, they asked children to write
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Invisible Illnesses – A Poem

I sleep, and then I sleep some more, For my body aches, to move, it is sore, For I have an illness that no-one can see, Driving me mad, wondering, “Is it just me?”, Am I broken, or maybe just going mad? But then I am told, my immune system is sad. Sad and confused
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