Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder

Kids should get out more – as parents we hear it all the time.   “Back in our day, we played in mud, we came in when the streetlights came on, we didn’t have mobile phones to keep us entertained.”  How many times have you heard something like that being said to you, or even
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101 facts about me

Here we go, interesting things about, ME! 1. My full name is Victoria Elizabeth Winstanley 2. My Mum does not know why she named me this, this was not the name that she had chosen for me 3. The names my Mum had picked out were Christopher for a boy and Penny for a girl 4.
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My first time – Doing THE SEX

As a teenager growing up, what did you think your first time was going to be like? Yes folks, I am talking about “The Sex”. Did you imagine roses, a huge comfortable bed, romance like in the movies. You and your then boyfriend in a mad passionate embrace that felt like it would never end?
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Thoughts of 5 year old me

I am looking up at the stars, my Dad pointing out groups of stars like The Plough and Orion. I sit wondering what they are. My Dad tells me they are not planets, just balls of gas. I am thinking that it must be a large gas bill to power all those lights. But what
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The one where I got a tampon stuck

At BritMums Live 2015, I had the chance to meet Carol Smiley, who was there with her new range of women’s pants called Diary Doll, especially designed for those unfortunate accidents and mishaps we all have in womanhood. Standing chatting to Carol about periods and all things girly that should have a big TMI stamp
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Oh Chicken Nuggets!

As parents we have choice words which we use in place of swear words when around children.  Fudge, Fiddlesticks, baskets, britches and many more, I am sure, you have either heard as a parent, or used yourself in time.  There as supposedly seven “bad” words in the English language which are classed as swear words
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