18th March 2016

All About Vicky

Name – Vickyvicky 1
Birthday – 24th December
Lives – Lancaster, up north
Nickname – Vic, Vix, Vickytoria, Mum, MUMMEHHH
Likes – Cats, reading, arts and crafts, cooking, baking, creating recipes, driving, travelling, movies, cups of tea in bed, and binge watching American TV series
Dislikes – Bananas, rope bridges, things that move when you walk on them, not getting a lie in, hangovers, being cold and not being able to find clean socks as Nathan has pinched them all
Favourite Colour – Purple
Favourite Movies – The Lost Boys, Marvel Movies, Labyrinth, Enchanted, Flatliners, Hairspray, cheesy 80s movies vicky 5
Favourite TV Shows – Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Suits, White Collar, Lie to Me, Supernatural, Red Dwarf, and more!
Hobbies – Baking, crochet, writing, reading, sleeping
First Memory – Earwigs and woodlice on the patio when I was 3
Most Embarrassing MomentGetting a tampon stuck
Favourite Drink – Tea, milk, one sugar please
Favourite Food – Chicken Satay Noodles
Camera and Gadgets – Fuji Finepix S200 EXR, Nikon CoolPix L840 Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung 535U Notebook
Best Social Media Platform – Instagram or Facebook
Favourite Bands – Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, Fleetwood Mac, Fairground Attraction and so many others
Favourite Song – Attitude by Alien Ant Farm
Who Inspires you?My Parents
Ideal Holiday – Shopping in New York or a driving holiday through California

Hey, you lovely people of the internet. Welcome!

I am a Mum to Nathan, hes growing up so fast! He is off to High School soon and it was only recently that I managed to write up my account of his birth story, just eleven years too late!  I have always wanted to work in the field of journalism since my teens when I would blag my way backstage at concerts in the hope of meeting various members of boy bands who I fancied at the time.

I am currently working on my first novel, all about dating as a single mother – something I know lots about, sadly!  I am hoping to secure a publishing deal in the next year, stay tuned for updates!