18th March 2016

All About Nathan

natebob06 at young driver lessons manchester

Name – Nathan
Birthday – 7th Julynathanxmas2017
Lives – In the countryside, where it smells of poop
Nickname – Natebob06
Social Media – Just look for Natebob06 and you will find me
Likes – Cats, Xbox, games, food, drawing, cake, internet, sports, getting new clothes and shoes, my Mum’s cooking
Dislikes – Bananas, food which is too spicy, not having an internet connection, having too much choice and going to bed early
Favourite Colour – Aqua
Favourite Movies – Everything Marvel
Favourite TV Shows – Ninjago, Power Rangers, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Pokemon,
Hobbies – Drawing, Youtube, sports, xbox, photography and eating
First Memory – Apple picking age 4  with my Mum and Dad
Most Embarrassing MomentThe Catch Ball Incident
Favourite Drink – Fanta Fruit Twist
Favourite Food – Tortellini Pasta
Camera and Gadgets – Kindle Fire 8, OnePlus One, Vlogging Cameranathanandvicky
Best Social Media Platform – Instagram
Favourite Bands – Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco
Favourite Song – I have too many, but anything from Pray for the Wicked album
Who Inspires you? – The Sidemen and my Mum
Ideal Holiday – Paris to see the Eiffel Tower or shopping in New York with my Mum

Blogging and vlogging areas of interest – Tech, Music, Gadgets, Console Gaming, Young Teen Books, Puzzles, Magic Tricks, Activity Sports, Educational Products Relevant to KS3, Clothing, Young Teen Fashion, Collectables, Marvel and Crazy Snacks from across the globe.  (If looking for clothing models, Nathan is currently 5ft tall, is wearing age 14+ clothing and UK size 8 shoes/trainers)

Hi, I’m Nathan and I would like to be a Youtuber and blogger when I grow up.  My mum has been blogging for as long as I can remember and we have so much fun as we get to go to loads of new places and also get to eat loads of tasty food.  With my Mum blogging, I am also homeschooled by her too. This means I can learn at home and also learn through exciting blogging events  I loved being part of the Mini Mudder Adventure Squad with Ed Stafford and I am looking forward to lots of new adventures and learning how to set up my own blog as well.

My highlights so far has been learning to drive with Young Driver and going to Total Ninja.