18th March 2016

All About Ben, Juniper and Rocket

Name – Ben Cat12338924_1757148967846615_1974557794_n
Birthday – Middle of July 2008
Lives – Behind the sofa or under the tree
Nickname – Benny
Social Media – ppprrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Likes – Sleeping, sleeping, watching butterflies, sleeping, cuddles from my humans eating and rolling on the gravel
Dislikes – people other than my humans, loud noises, being woken up
Favourite Colour – ppprrrrrrrrrrrrr
Favourite Movies – whatever is quiet that my humans watch so I can sleep
Favourite TV Shows – As above
Hobbies – being fussy, sitting on wheelie bins, bringing my humans leaves, sleeping
First Memory – Being trapped under the bath
Most Embarrassing Moment – Being trapped under the bath
Favourite Drink – water
Favourite Food – Catnip treats
Camera and Gadgets – a leaf, a bit of string
Best Social Media Platform – Tumblr, they like me on there
Favourite Bands – quiet stuff
Favourite Song – The sound of silence
Who Inspires you? – Bagpus
Ideal Holiday – Prrrrrrrrr


Name – Jerry Cat
Birthday – In the summer time
Lives – Beside my human
Nickname – Jez, Jezzabelle
Social Media – ……
Likes – Tummy rubs, sleeping in the sunshine, catching small things for my humans, sleeping next to the big one at night, getting under the rug, sleeping beside the fire, catnip, cake
Dislikes – The doorbell, being carried places, faces being too close, strange people, cars, cat carriers
Favourite Colour – Whatever shows my hair up best on my human
Favourite Movies – The stuff my human watches so the fuss me
Favourite TV Shows – As Above
Hobbies – Chasing ribbon, eating catnip, exploring, making things mine, being the boss, running around at 4am, pinching socks and taking them to other rooms in the house
First Memory – Being stuck under the bath
Most Embarrassing Moment – Being dressed up as Sporticus
Favourite Drink – Whatever my human has beside the bed
Favourite Food – Whatever my human has
Camera and Gadgets – Ribbon, wool, socks, onion skins
Best Social Media Platform – …..
Favourite Bands – Curiosity Killed the Cat
Favourite Song – Krazy Katz by Pj and Duncan
Who Inspires you? – Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Ideal Holiday – My 8 month tour of Lancaster University when I ran away from home in 2014. Oh how I was treated like a king and fed on Greggs.

*Please Note – Jerry has since gone on an extended holiday to a local farm where he is eating mice and likes the freedom that being a mouser provides for him.

Name – Juniper
Birthday – 30th June 2016
Lives – In a house full of fun stuff
Nickname – Joon, Joonie
Social Media – find me on instagram @msjunipercat
Likes – Licking noses, drinking tea, playing with tin foil, playing, eating flies, eating spiders, eating, sleeping on my human, climbing, discovering new things and playing in the bath.
Dislikes – New people and having injections
Favourite Colour – Shiney stuff
Favourite Movies – Whats a movie?
Favourite TV Shows – As Above
Hobbies – Exploring the house, chasing things, eating things, climbing up my human, licking noses, trying to eat eyelashes, playing with everything
First Memory – Coming home in the car with my human as I got out my carrier and stood on the dashboard of the car
Most Embarrassing Moment – Climbing up the curtains and not being able to get down again
Favourite Drink – tea or kitten milk
Favourite Food – Everything you eat
Camera and Gadgets – Tin foil, ribbon, wool, boxes
Best Social Media Platform – instagram
Favourite Bands – Panic! At the Disco
Favourite Song – Don’t threaten me with a good time
Who Inspires you? – Ben
Ideal Holiday – Whats a holiday?

Name – Rocketrocket the kitten Birthday – 1st March 2017
Lives – with the non hairy ones
Nickname – Rocky, Rox
Social Media – find me on instagram @msjunipercat
Likes – Licking sweat, climbing everything, sitting up high, headbuts, showers, sitting in the fridge, the toilet and chasing anything that moves
Dislikes – carrier bags, I must eat them.
Favourite Colour – *looks puzzled*
Favourite Movies – *still looks puzzled*
Favourite TV Shows – *starts washing*
Hobbies – Having the cat crazies, sleeping on my cat tree, climbing, chirping, watching people in the shower and attempting to get out the front door.
First Memory – the frightening drive to my new home
Most Embarrassing Moment – Getting on top of the wardrobe and not being able to get down
Favourite Drink – anything
Favourite Food – Everything you eat
Camera and Gadgets – Tin foil, ribbon, wool, boxes, wires, feet, flies, everything is a toy
Best Social Media Platform – Snapchat
Favourite Bands – Panic! At the Disco
Favourite Song – Crazy=Genius
Who Inspires you? – Juniper
Ideal Holiday – Whats a holiday?