14th September 2018

About Us

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The Motherhood is a blog created by Vicky, a blogger with over seven years experience in blogging and a further twelve years industry experience in marketing and social media management. At first, it was just an online space to discuss motherhood and the funny experiences Vicky had with her son, Nathan, while he was growing up.  Over the last couple of years, things have grown and developed, at quite a rapid rate. The site has undergone expansion and we are now developing different areas of the site too.

The main content writers of The Motherhood are;

Vicky – Covers topics such as parenting, home education, plus size fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle, home interiors, charity work, mental health, current trends, food and drink, travel and motoring

Nathan – Covers topics such as home education and learning, tech and gadgets, console gaming, Youtuber news, young teen fashions, puzzles and games, music, collectibles, Marvel and snacks from around the world.

Gavin – Covers topics such as tech and gadgets, PC gaming, computer tech, audio/visual accessories, travel, men’s grooming, men’s fashion, photography, travel, and anything geeky

The Cats – Well, they are cats! If it involves cat food, toys, catnip or somewhere that they can sleep then they will be happy.

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