AOC – Cardboard Castle 15 minute Craft

We have so many deliveries in this day and age, which means we have a ton of cardboard boxes coming into our homes.  So what can we do with them?  Imagination is your limit, but we have a few ideas that can help get you started.

Today we want to share a quick project that will take around 15 minutes, depending on how much time you want to spend making the castle with your children.

My daughter loves all of the Julia Donaldson books, at the time of making our castle from a cardboard box, she decided we were to create Zog, the hapless Dragon who is adorable and just keeps trying!

What You Will Need

  • 1 cardboard box of any size
  • scissors
  • crayons, paints, pencils
  • paper
  • toilet roll (two if you want to make a Zog)

How To Make Your Castle

  1. Take your cardboard box and ensure that one end, where the flaps are, remains sealed and open up the other end.
  2. At the end where the flaps are open cut small rectangles out, leaving larger squares, to create the top of the castle..
  3. Draw windows and a large door on the front, cut the door along the middle, bottom and.  Top, leaving the side to act as the hinge.
  4. Let your children colour in the castle, if needs be you can even cover with paper, paints, embellishments, whatever you feel.
  5. Stick the toilet roll to the side
  6. Cut a circle out of paper and cut a slit to the middle, then pulle one side under the other and fashion into an umbrella shape and attach with glue or tap to the toilet roll to create a turret.


You can then create little characters using wooden dolls, cardboard or by any method you fancy.

Please do show us your fantastic castle creations over on our social media pages!







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