LGC – Sensory Jelly

What is more fun for children, (not necessarily us Mums), that a little bit of messy play? Kids love to. Get mucky and it isn’t just good old fun, they learn through touching things and feeling the different textures that they experience whilst doing it.  So, what could be more fun than making some sensory jelly?

To be honest this is probably one of my favourite messy play activities, there are so many ways that you can customise the basic recipe and therefore expand on the sensory aspect of the fun.

What You Will Need



  • Containers
  • Boiling Water
  • Gelatine ( I used powdered gelatine)
  • Gel Food Colouring

How To Make It

  1. Follow the instructions on the back of the gelatine sachet to make up the jelly with boiling water.  I used a little less than suggested to ensure a sturdy, yet still wobbly jelly.
  2. separate the jelly mix into individual containers and add a little gel food colouring.  This reduces any change to the mixture as it sets and just alters the colour.  It also has a much stronger colour and needs just a few drops to achieve bright, vibrant shades.
  3. Allow to cool and then.  Put in the fridge, where it tends to set better.
  4. Remove from the moulds, cut up and play, or I should say allow the children to play.

We found that the jelly does start to melt when out side in the warm, it takes a while.

If you wanted to you could add glitter, beads, plastic animals and insects, whatever you wanted to the jelly to make it different.

The moulds that we used were from Tala, they are fantastic little jelly moulds, strong, sturdy and brightly coloured.  They are airtight when sealed, and have a convenient mini ‘lid’ on the bottom to ad removing the jelly from the mould.

These are perfect for little hands and can be used, not just for jelly, but for a variety of mini desserts the children will adore.  You can find more information and a stockist on their website.

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