I See A Ship Come Sailing In

It already feels like summer is here, the weather has been amazing.  Of course the world is not quite normal right now and we are all in a state of uncertainty.  Being in a lockdown is a strange state of affairs and we are hoping to bring to you some ideas to help keep you sane and the kids busy during this unusual time.

Frugi is one such site that is offering some free downloads for parents to help keeps the kids entertained.  Personally, I adore Frugi, their ethics regarding recycling and putting the planet first is commendable, something that resonates with me, especially since I have been looking at sustainability, recycling and zero waste.  If you have a read of their About Us page you will find out all about how they recycle, donate to charities as well as use organically gown cotton in their clothing.

Right now Frugi have a number of free downloads available in their ‘fun’ section, that will keep the kids entertained.  We have downloaded a few of them ourselves and will be sharing these with you soon, including bird watching, film festivals and recipe cards that the kids will love.

Right now though, I would like to share with you that their clothing isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s adorably beautiful and will definitely let the children stand out from the crowd this summer…


Living by the coast is incredible, we get to watch the boats and ships from the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery all year round.  Possibly my favourite dress for my little one this year is going to be the  Essie Reversible Dress. It has a simply stunning Scene along the border of boats bobbing on ocean, with puffy clouds in the sky and little fish swimming below.  Perfectly summery in every way, this is a gorgeous design that is finished off with rainbow straps.

However, as I said this is a reversible dress and on the Other side is a bright yellow design with white stars, just as stunning as the boat scene, but a completely different look for your little one when the sun is out.


The dress is super soft, I mean it really is so soft it’s rad to stop stroking it!  This is the GOTS certified organic Cotton Cambric, it also has an organic cotton voile lining and elasticated back for extra comfort.

The dress comes beautifully packaged as well in a lovely box covered in rainbows that will be easily reused by any little girl, (or mummy)!

We adore this dress and in fact many of the items you can find on Frugi’s website.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the fun activities we have been trying from Frugi, or.  Check out their website now to have a look for yourselves!


Do you have a favourite dress from your little ones during summers passed?  We would love to know.

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