Options for Healthy Snacks

I’ve spoken to lots of friends over the last few weeks and every single one of them has said to me that they feel as if they are putting weight on.  Of course we are all in the same boat, our movement in general has been reduced drastically, which is bound to have an effect on our body, in every way.  Whist some are able to get out for exercise, exercise at home and even change the way that we eat if not that healthy before, it still seems to be difficult for the most part.  Add to that the boredom of endless days looking at the same four walls and  snacking starts to play a role.

One of the staples for me when it comes to snacking are crisps.  I tend to prefer crisps over chocolate and with a little one in the house, I try not to have sweet snacks around too much.  On hand we always have fruit, yogurt and other tasty, yet healthy alternatives to the sugary sweetness that is often craved.  So, what options are there besides the usual healthy snacks such as apples or bananas?

What about fruit crisps?

Yes, you read that correctly.  Now these are not ones you have to make yourselves, they are off the shelf crisps, like many others, except they are made solely from fruit, and in some cases vegetables.  I, myself am partial to vegetable crisps, (not the potato ones that have been around for yonks), parsnips, beetroot and carrots  are just a few, but fruit crisps?

On paper, these sound fantastic to me and my hope is that my little one loves them, giving me another way to provide one of her five a day.

Nim’s are air dried fruit and veg crisps and they actually only contain the one or two ingredients named on the front, (and the back) of their packets.  The process by which they are dried increases the flavour and helps retain the natural sweetness that they already have, leaving out all of the artificial ingredients that we have come to expect in almost every product we purchase.

What I personally found attractive is the use of local farms, ‘wonky’  fruit and veg, as well as their zero waste approach, using every part of the produce.  They are also completely allergen free.

What was the verdict?

We received a little parcel of crisps from Nim’s to try and the flavours included – Pineapple & Beetroot, Apple, Beetroot & Parsnip,  Pineapple, Cool Courgette, Pineapple & Kiwi and finally Watermelon.  The packaging is bright and attractive, especially the ones aimed at the children.

Honestly, I  was excited to try them, I thought off of the bat that I would be a huge fan.  I wasn’t.  I think it has more to do with my personal taste as opposed to anything being wrong with the crisps themselves, they just didn’t do anything for me.  I’m also not a lover of pineapple.

My three year old however was a totally different story!  Doodle was taken with them immediately and enjoyed all of the flavours she has so far tried. In  my book that is a win as I can let her have some of these, giving her one of her  five a day and a treat all at the same time.

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