Let’s Get Crafty (LGC)

We e going to be bringing you lots of fun crafty ideas to keep the kids busy, not just during the lock-down/isolation, (but let’s face it, we all need that), but further afield.

The crafts will be everything from games you can make to sensory items, toys to educational activities.  The series will be called Let’s Get Crafty (LGC), with a special series dedicated to cardboard boxes, which I don’t have a name for just yet, but will hopefully give you tons of ideas of what you can do with all those boxes that come with your shopping, or deliveries!

Where possible I will be sourcing the materials from around the house or garden, along with things that are generally found in homes where munchkins reside!

I’d love to include a challenge every now and then.  Just post on    our Facebook page or tweet us a picture of something, perhaps a toilet roll tube, cereal box, buttons, bottle caps etc.  An item/s that you have left over after using a product.  Each month I will pick one picture and come up with an exciting craft that can be done with your children and that item!

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