Tattoos, Writing and History. What more could a girl want?

Do you have tattoos?  I have 29 and will be getting my 30th on Saturday! I adore them, but to me they are more than just pictures on my skin, they are deeply personal.

Each and every one of my pieces have a personal meaning, they may be a memory, part of my personality, represent a loved one or significant even in my life.  You might not know that to look at them, but that’s the point, in my eyes, my tattoos are for me, not the world at large.

Everyone is different though.

I also have a love of history and this easily transfers over into my love of tattooing, since this has a rich and varied history, spanning thousands of years and countless countries around the world.

I’ve begun to write for Tattoodo about all things tattoos.  If you haven’t checked out their site before, or indeed their app, and are a lover of tattoos, you will find it fascinating.  It is filled with artists from all over the world, images of tattoos from all genres and articles about all aspects of tattooing.

By Wonderland Valkyrie #traditionaltattoo #capcoleman #tattoo #augustbcoleman

My latest article is all about American Traditional tattooing, specifically one of the important figures in this area of the history of tattooing, Cap Coleman.  He was a fascinating character and indeed appeared to have a rather interesting life, his influence in the realm of tattooing is immense and important when looking at tattooing in the modern age.

He was a pioneer in many respects with the methods and practices, not to mention the flash (designs) that he created throughout the years.  People today still use his designs or are inspired by them.

I have managed to combine three loves writing, tattooing and history!

What do you think about tattoos?  Do you have any?  What are they?

Have you managed to combine more than one love into a project before?

Please feel free to check out Tattoodo and my article, then let me know what you think!

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