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The age old game of Top Trumps is quite synonymous with Christmas and being the perfect stocking filler for kids and grown ups alike.  However, younger children have missed out on this great traditions because the game is just too advanced for them.

Not any more!

Top Trumps Juniors has come to the recuse, providing the younger members of the family a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of Top Trumps.  Not only do the sets now come with their favourite lovable characters on them, such as Peppa Pig or Disney Princesses, dinosaurs and more, but they also have no less than five games to keep the little ones entertained this year.

Spot the Difference

In the deck there are character cards, two of each particular character.  One card lists the attributes of that character, for example Rebecca Rabbit from Peppa Pig is able to get a fabulous 7 for jumping in muddy puddles, but has a 4 for her shoe size.    The other Rebecca Rabbit card gives a little information about her and another of the five games, (we will come to that shortly).  Both cards feature a brightly coloured image, but there are five differences between the two, game one is to spot them all.


Take 5

A simple card game where you deal five cards to each player and place the remainder in the centre.  Match pairs as you draw or discard cards, the first person to get rid of all of their cards, wins!


Mini Top Trumps

Using the attribute cards, the deck is dealt to all players, player one draws their top card and chooses an attribute to read out.  The aim is to have the highest score for that ability – Rebecca Rabbit would fair better against Mummy Pig, who has a score of 3 for puddle jumping, but would lose against Danny Dog’s score of 8!

The winner is the person with all of the cards at the end.


The traditional card game everyone loves.  Lay all of the cards out face down, take it in turns to turn over two at a time, looking for Matching pairs.

Observation Quiz

The final game takes us back to the second character cards.  Remember the ones with the information about the character on?  They also have a question, Rebecca Rabbit’s asks what animal noises can you make?

A fantastic deck of cards, brightly coloured, filled with characters your children already love and with a whole host of games to play with just the one deck.  The cards are bigger than traditional Trumps to make it easier for little hands to hold and they come in a sturdy case for easy and safe storage, there is even a Word search and Dot-to-Dot game inside the pack!

The perfect stocking filler for children aged 3+ this Christmas!

RRP £4.99

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