Product Review – It’s Your Story, Personalised Story Book

Every year it becomes increasingly more difficult to find something personal, affordable and unique to give little ones as gifts.  This year however, there is an option that will make little ones smile with glee and excitement, especially if they love books!

It’s Your Story is a fantastic website that allows you to create a book, either paperback or hardback, that stars your child and even you, depending on the story you chose.

They are quite immersive, allowing your child to truly feel involved and not just through the use of their name on every page, but also using their photo too!  Soo as they adventure through whichever story you have picked for them, they can let their imagination carry them away much easier than many books for young children.

The stories are fantastically illustrated with bold, bright colours and plenty to see and find.  Some of the books will ask for them to find things on each page  and even if they don’t there is so much fun packed into each image that you will easily be able to incorporate this into your story telling.

The stories themselves are engaging and whilst each one follows a theme, we found them to be educational and absolutely perfect for younger children and older alike.

After some extensive searching and reading, we decided upon two wonderful titles from the range that we think, not only will they adore them, but you will too.

Where’s (insert child’s name)?

It is six o’clock in the morning on Christmas Day and the subject of this fantastic story has left their bed already and is exploring the house whilst everyone is asleep!  This is just the right book if your little one is on the slightly mischievous side and loves to explore.

Guess with Tulli and (insert Child’s name)

This book is fantastic, especially if your tiny explorer has ever watched Baby TV, this is that Tulli!  The little snail who likes to mooch around the world and get the kids to guess what object has been discovered.

The book is just like the show and each page asks the reader to guess what object Tulli is sitting on, the next page shows the wider image and your child playing it.


Clever and engaging, these books are a fantastic way to share the love of reading with your children.  Completely personalised, each book will fuel their imaginations and capture the love of reading with each turn of the page.

For ages two – seven, prices start at just £19.50.  Each book is A4 size, either in soft or hardback and features   32 pages of storytelling fun.

Simply choose your image and enter your child’s name and you are done.  There is even an option to put a different photo and message at the front of the book, making this a keepsake for many years to come!




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