Ch, ch, ch, changes! – New developments

All good things grow and change over time, (insert rude joke here…) and here at The Motherhood, we make no exception to the rule. We are developing and growing and are all rather excited by the changes.

You may have seen recently the name Vickytoria pop up here and there. This is a new venture and direction for me as my writing career develops and my son gets older. I will, first and foremost I  will always be a Mum, but I want to expand my horizons and not just be a mummy blogger, which The Motherhood has a tendency to tie me to. So with that in mind I am pleased to share with you the changes taking place and some exciting developments.

I, Vicky, will still oversee things on The Motherhood, I will stop by from time to time to share teen parenting wisdom or family based content, but I am recruiting a team of writers to work along side me to turn The Motherhood from blog to online magazine. We will be publishing work from various authors, from varying backgrounds, all who have children of different age groups and different outlooks on parenting. This will, I hope, make way for some great discussions and gain a wider audience too.

We are slowly transitioning the site to a new design and social channels, as well as getting the writers geared up for a January start. The main email, Hello@the-motherhood.com will still be taking most of the incoming email and content collaboration requests or product reviews will be fielded to the most relevant people on the team to follow it up with.

If you have any questions about the changes, or would like to put forward an application to join our team, please get in touch to discuss.

Stay tuned, as over the next week we have some amazing gift guide suggestions for those who are not as organised as we make out to be. From whisky and wine, to board games, toys and a run down of the best shops that will help you have a stress free christmas.

Love, hugs and mince pies
V x

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