Do seasonal changes effect your mood?

Are you someone who loves the start of autumn? I know I am. The season brings with it so many changes and an abundance of fruit and veg perfect for making warming stews, soups and puddings. We start talking about the festive season, with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas creeping ever closer. For me it’s a time of reflection, organising and being cosy, but many people struggle with the seasonal change, longing for sun. If you are one of these people, here are my top five tips to get more Hygge this autumn.

1. Vitamins matter
The majority of the UK population suffer with lack of essential vitamins, especially during Autumn and Winter when the rainy days are more frequent. Keeping topped up on Vitamin D3 and B12 can help combat signs of fatigue and muscle aches. Children can need a top up as well as adults so if you are feeling a bit grotty with the season change, invest in a good multivitamin or even pick up some vitamin water instead of a fizzy drink. Get More Vits* have a full range of still and sparkling waters in a range of flavours to give you a much needed boost.

2. Change up the menu
Summer was all about salads, bbqs and alfresco dining, embrace the change in the seasons by eating more comforting and warming foods. They can still be healthy and packed full of seasonal veg, but break out the slow cooker, it’s the perfect way to plan your family meal in the morning and not need to worry about it till much later. Our go to dish just now is parmesan chicken and potatoes, it takes minutes to prep but is hearty and filling.

Drinking coffee with christmas lights

3. Get outdoors
It might be raining, but skin is waterproof and you can always dress for the weather. There are so many activities to do as a family from going apple picking at a local orchard or picking wild blackberries from the hedgerows, hunting for conkers or even a walk in the woods to collect autumn leaves. Everything found can be made into food, jams, chutney or home crafts, like an autumnal conker wreath or leaf art. Let your imagination run wild.

Hygge life - journaling and mugs of tea

4. Hygge it up
Hygge is a Danish word, with the meaning being comfort, cosiness and warmth. Make your home as cosy as possible with the addition of fairy lights, blankets, oversized mugs of hot chocolate and a good book. Give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the moment. Even better, invite friends over to join you for a reading afternoon. Turn off tech and enjoy each others company while reading, eating cake and chilling out. Even better if you have a wood burner or open fire too.

5. Declutter your home
Spring cleaning is the norm, but change it up and bring in the new season with an Autumn clean. A great way to to break up the mammoth job in spring, and clear out any clutter, donating to charity shops and shelters where you can. With products by The Cleaning Club* you can get things done with ease. My latest purchase of adulthood is a steam mop, and oh, my, goodness! Why have I never invested in one before now? It is a dream to use, no harsh floor cleaners or bleach needed and because of the swivel head, I now steam clean the cupboards, shelves and skirting board too! You know you have hit peak adulthood when you get excited over cleaning products and appliances.

Got it all bundle from cleaning club

Hopefully some of these tips will help you if you are missing the summer and are longing for evenings in pub gardens and bbqs. Don’t worry if not, it will be summer again before you know it.

Love, hugs and pumpkin spiced lattes

*Products from these companies were gifted to us and are highlighted as such for full disclosure

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