Can you ditch the weekly supermarket trip and feed the family for less? PART 1

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I am a weekly online shopper, for myself, Gavin, Nathan and our horde of cats, I am normally spending between £70 to £120, sometimes up to £175 when stocking up on store cupboard items.

We eat well, we have around five scratch cooked meals every week, with the odd pizza or easy oven meal thrown in when things are busy or I am not feeling great. With having inflammatory bowel disease I have had to change up my diet and have found out what meals work for me that are both easy to prepare but also do not aggravate my stomach too much so I can get on with normal life things.

I mainly shop at Asda online, with pet foods, coffee, crates of pop, and household items coming from amazon as I have found the subscribe and save feature really useful. When I am feeling up to it, we do venture out to Lidl that has just opened locally but the bakery section is my downfall there – I could live off the pretzels and donuts! Its sometimes better staying away from the shops as I do not get caught up on the flash sales, special offers or reduced section too much.

With moving house recently and now being in a more central city location, delivery of meat boxes and fruit and veg boxes are now more readily available. My postcode area was not covered previously as it was so remote so I relied on supermarket fruit and veg which can be hit or miss if you are not picking it yourself. With a new kitchen and a refreshed drive to get back into the kitchen, this month I pre-planned my shopping and meals and thought that we would give meat, fruit and veg, cleaning, and snack box subscriptions a try and see how they compared to my normal weekly shop.

First, Cleaning Club. I was very excited to work with them and will be posting a whole youtube video on unboxing their range of household cleaners and laundry products. For around £25 you can have a box delivered which has everything a large family needs for the month, including 3 liters of laundry liquid and 3.5 liters of fabric softener. Also included are various cleaning sprays, fabric refreshers, stain removal sprays, shower gel and hand soap. I would have easily spent over this amount on individual products – for instance, via amazon subscribe and save, the 1.5 liters of laundry liquid, a small fabric softener and scent beads cost me £12, I’m already saving a fortune there.

Next I decided to subscribe to a fruit and veg box scheme through Able and Cole. This will be delivered every week, three fruit items and five veg, with butter, eggs and hazelnut milk added on as extras. This comes to around £20 per week with every 4th box free. I really liked the do not add feature as we are very adverse to bananas, and there are a few veg items which are a no go for my diet too, so it was good to know that we will not have to worry about things we do not like arriving and being wasted.

I did use Asda to make a store cupboard delivery to stock up on tinned veg, tomatoes, beans, tuna, herbs and spices, bakery items, and the like. This came in at around my normal weekly shop cost, but hopefully I will not need to shop there for the next few weeks if I have planned things correctly.

Now onto the big purchase, meat and proteins. I was drawn in by the adverts on Facebook for Muscle Food and their starter offers, buy one meat hamper at £69 and get three additional hampers for free. I also added on a lucky dip meat box, and two snack boxes which will have a selection of popcorn, jerky, crisps and low fat snacks that I am very sure Nathan and Gavin will really enjoy. The box comes with freezer bags to easily split everything up, and it is perfect for batch cooking or slow cooker meals, which is what I plan to do, especially now Autumn is well and truly here.

Muscle food

In a couple of weeks my subscribe and save items from amazon will automatically be dispatched, that includes cat food, cat litter, shampoo and toiletries, vitamins, dishwasher tablets and coffee pods. If all goes to plan, I should have accomplished my whole months worth of shopping in one afternoon, with only the odd trip to the local shop to grab something I may have missed in a emergancy. It’s still a very novel thing to have a shop on my doorstep after living in the countryside for so long.

Now I just have to wait for it all to arrive so I can share my experience with the quality and my recipe ideas with you too.

Love, hugs and money saving
V x

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