13 Reasons Why Season Three – Have I Missed Something?

We all are aware of the controversial series, 13 Reasons Why, with Season One being about the suicide of Hannah Baker and Season Two, continuing the storyline with the discussion of rape culture among high school sports teams and how white, privileged males can seem to get away with breaking the law with no more than a slap on the wrist.

I feel it only right that after watching Season Three, I provide you with my thoughts, discuss the talking points of this season and my thoughts of the series so far. As with my other posts, I am placing a trigger warning for spoilers and for the discussion on the topics mentioned in the show.

The start of season three began with a cast warning and the urge to talk to someone if you are affected by any of the topics that are discussed on the show, with advice to watch with friends or family if the topics were triggering. A good start, I liked that the creators had taken note of comments from the audience and this also filtered through at the end credits, where normally Netflix would allow you to skip to the next episode, this time it didn’t give you that option until the website and disclaimers had been read out.

With regards to good things about this season, for me, that was about it. I did not enjoy this season or find it as edgy and controversial as the previous seasons. Leaving season two we had the barbaric attack on Tyler which pushed him to a near school shooting, and the trial on Bryce where we see him get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This season starts with a new female narrator, someone who is completely out of context of the show and to me feels like a forced creation.

In the first two seasons the narration was done from the point of Hannah, now her storyline is wrapped up it seemed that the writers wanted another strong, female lead to be the protagonist. They could have easily done this with Jessica and developed on her character after the trauma she went through, but instead chose to put an outsider into the mix. For me, it didn’t work. Her acting was overly British and she had all the makings of a BBC drama character, more suited to Dr Who or even a CBBC show rather than a leading role on one of the most discussed shows on Netflix. Yes, it gave a new female lead for Clay to become obsessed with – that boy really does need to look at his relationship with the opposite sex – but I do not really think that Ani bought anything new to the table.

Now the suspense and mystery surrounding the secret lives of the group were what gave the previous two seasons their clout, but this became a badly scripted who-done-it with the death of Bryce Walker being the main storyline. The subplots of women standing up for themselves, discovering what real sex and their sexuality is and how this can empower a woman, was overshadowed and pushed aside too quickly for the finger pointing to begin. The writers missed out on so many opportunities to really grip the audience but instead the plot holes, that start in episode one with the police showing Clay his bike lock in an evidence bag, that had nothing to do with the actual murder, attempted murder or crime of passion which I think is what really killed Bryce. Like the story said, everyone had a reason, but I think they could have come up with something better. Something that would have kept viewers wanting more and not just an, oh, well that was obvious from the start.

The character secrets got to the point of being ludicrous, especially with Tony and his family being deported, his car, the garage sale, the talk of wanting to distract the police etc, there was no need. Yes, Bryce was involved in a somewhat round about way, but this was one of the reasons I ended up multi tasking while the show was on and not needing to give it my full attention. I really thought the discussion of teenage pregnancy could have been developed further too, as this is more likely to be an issue that would affect the audience in a real life situation rather than steroid use and dealing drugs or the fear of ICE agents coming in and taking a family away, while not even turning the hob off and leaving dinner cooking.

Season Four has already started filming so from what I can understand, Netflix have agreed for this season to go ahead on the provision that it is the last. The season ended with Alex’s Dad burning clothing and the belief that Monty had been killed while in custody. The whole, “Monty is not dead and set for revenge”, would be a way too easy storyline and one I really hope that does not come about. Instead, as its 18 rated and is set for a mature audience, I would love to see some of the parents getting embroiled into the dark and twisted world their children have, with the parents and adults taking the forefront of the main storyline, covering for their children and trying to allow them to graduate and move on with their lives away from Liberty High. The main ethos was that friends will do anything for each other, but in reality, parents will normally do more.

I would love to hear your views on this season and how you think Season Four will turn out. Do you want Ani to return? Would you like to see a Male narration point of view? Please let me know in the comments below or on facebook.

Love, hugs and Alien Killer Robots

V x

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