While I am here… – An update and whats coming soon

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As you know it’s been a hectic year.  Starting the new year off with no kitchen after our kitchen fire, it took a while to get that sorted. Then life threw a curveball and we realised that with the extra work that The Motherhood and Games Life is generating, we needed to have a proper office space for filming, streaming and developing the other sides of the business which are also expanding.  For the last month we have been between two properties and its been difficult to juggle, probably one of the reasons why I am sat in hospital and not at home with a cuppa and a cat on my knee.

There will be a series of home interior blog posts and vlogs coming up, from how to move house with less stress, moving with pets, making a rental property your home, things to look out for on a rental market, and of course a full house tour video once we are settled in and have everything set up.

We have been very fortunate to be able to work with a select few companies who have gifted us products to review and make our home even more special, we will be doing reviews of these products and showcasing them with some great discounts too. We have plenty to come and will be setting up weekly unboxing videos on our facebook or instagram too.  I really want to get into doing more vlogs and have some ideas for some parody videos too, my brain does not seem to want to switch off!  Some of the things you have to look forward to are; security cameras, royal eggs, American sweets, pet canvases, socks with photos of one of our cats on, cleaning subscription boxes, household textiles, ethical home decor, cat toys, pokemon trading cards, board games, chocolate, stationery, and more with the run up to Christmas gift guides now starting too!  Remember that we only recommend products that we love and always disclose our relationships with brands for your clarity.

We will be working more on the gaming side of things with Games Life fully launching, look forward to play throughs, streaming, give aways and gaming reviews.  We are lucky enough to be partnered with Microsoft and some other great companies to deliver some great new content to you.

I am being asked more frequently now to appear on TV and radio to discuss various topics, make sure you are signed up to my social media channels to keep up with where and when I will be on.

Now, it is time for a cup of tea before I pack myself off to bed so I can get some sleep before the 1am wake up to do my blood pressure and obs checks in the middle of the night.  I am sure they can hear me snoring so they know I am alive!

Love, hugs and moving house



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