Its not all bad – turning the negative to positive

Fed up in a hospital bed

I am currently sat in a hospital bed, I have been here for five days so far and it looks like I will be here for at least five more.  It would be very easy for me to throw a pity party for myself, complain about how depressing it is to be here, away from my son, boyfriend and cats, how the meals are shocking and how it is comparative to being in a prison.  Having just watched the last season of Orange is the New Black, I can see the similarities, but they also seem to get more freedom, than I do anyway.  But, to move on in life you have to look at the positive, you have to look for the sliver linings and make each and every situation your own, and own it. So that is what I am doing, I may not be having a relaxing spa holiday on some beautiful beach, but lets look at what I have got?

Apparently, I am an infection risk, I say apparently as they are not sure, but treating me as one to be on the safe side. This means I get my own private room, no ward, no sharing of toilet facilities and showers with other people, no curtains pulled around that doctors believe is an invisible force field that means you cannot hear when they break bad news to a family in the next bed.  I have a door, a door I can close that means I can decide when I want to be sociable or shut out the world.

My private room comes with other perks, my visitors do not have to keep to the three hour allocated time slots each day, they can come and go as they please, bringing me in supplied and keeping me sane.

I have an internet connection, it may be slow and many sites are blocked, but I have it. This means I have my laptop, phone and kindle to keep me entertained. I can do some work when I feel like it, keep up with my blog and social media, and most importantly catch up with TV shows I have been missing.

Every two hours I get a delivery of tea and biscuits, three meals a day, they may not be gourmet or even gastro, but its, mostly, edible.  It is hot, its food, there are people around going starving so I should not complain, but I am dying for some decent food and a starbucks coffee.

The nursing staff are amazing, they are there whenever I need them, be it for a chat, for medication, to make me laugh, they are there. I really appreciate their support and dedication.

So, here I am. Earphones in pumping out music to keep my spirits high, five more days, its not that bad, right?

What would you suggest I do to keep me entertained and my chin up? Suggestions of decent things on Youtube to watch or how to get some real food in would be much appreciated!

Love, hugs and blood pressure monitors!


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