To the man I thought I would never meet

A year ago I had grasped single life by both hands and I was owning it. I had resorted to the fact I was most likely going to be in the single dating pool for a while, I mean, who wants a plus size, single mum, crazy cat lady, who can’t eat most food because of a number of auto immune conditions, has a second home at the doctors, a really random job, and likes to sleep, a lot.

But, they say that there is someone for everyone, and I’ve found my someone. I have to admit, it took me by surprise, I thought it would be another comical date to add to the growing list. There was cheese guy, flight path guy, catalogue man, Del Boy car dealer, Booby McBoobface, The Pool Guy, The Undertaker, Mr Posessive, the stalker, crying at the train station, and Mr Muddy Puddles to name but a small few! Each of these have their own, unique stories, you could say. But those I will share another time. For this is about you and I, and the last year.

It has almost been a year together, but it certainly does not feel like it. Maybe as I’m growing old, time is speeding up? We have had a whirlwind of a year, not all of it has been peachy, but those were things outside our control, but we got through it. I think we had the hard tests right at the beginning to get them out the way and over with, as now we step into new beginnings with a new home, new office, new business ventures, but no new cats, that I promise!

You surprised me with an anniversary present that I honestly was not expecting, and yes, I did cry like a baby because it touched my heart. I don’t do surprises well and my emotions take over making me a blubbering mess for a few hours until I can get things under control. But even writing this now, I can feel the prickle of tears welling up because I am so happy. So unbelievably happy, I feel complete.

Please, let me shout it from the rooftops, and tell the world that you, you are my lobster, my missing piece, and I want to thank you for making me, me again. But not only that, thank you for not being phased by hospital visits and when I test gravity on a regular basis. Thank you for understanding my madness and strange way of dealing with life.  Thank you for all you do, for what you put up with from me and the horde of cats, thank you for understanding when I am having an off day and for making it better with a secret stash of snacks you have hidden away. Thank you.

We are so similar it is scary, from having the same birthday to the same favourite tv shows, to talking geek, and still a year on we are finding things we have in common. I really have found my soul mate.

Here is to the rest of our lives, I love you.

Love, hugs and all the smushy stuff
V x

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