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Most families will break out the board games during wet weekends or family get togethers. Young and old have bonded over The Game of Life, Scrabble or maybe even had a few fall outs over Monopoly. With technology now becoming part of our daily life, it was evident that table top games like Yhatzee and Uno – amongst others – make the leap into the digital world where you can play against friends and family not just at home, but around the world.

With this step in mind, Vicky Winstanley, a blogger at The Motherhood and gamer from Lancashire believes that more families should embrace the digital age and make family games nights a more technological experience. Most children who own gaming consoles will no doubt be immersed in a world online, dominated by the likes of Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox. Children will now even take these online games to the playground and role play the games, acting out their wins and vying for who is the most epic gamer.

Vicky says; “Many parents do not show a huge interest in kids games online, the world of Fortnite is alien to many with parents with talk of flossing, battle buses and chug jugs being gobbledygook. I found that learning more about my son’s online world and his interests have brought us closer together. Now, as a family we have developed a love of gaming together which has opened up new avenues of fun things we can do together as a family.”

Vicky is no stranger to the dangers that gaming addictiongaming addiction can have on families with her own son being hospitalised a number of times before realising that the route of the problem was an addiction to Fortnite. Instead of banning the game, which most parents and public figures like Prince Harry have called for, instead, Vicky decided to learn more about the game and online world to see what the attraction was and therefore could come up with a plan that was best suited to overcome the addiction.

Speaking on This Morning, (Wednesday, 10th April 2019) Vicky explained that banning such games would not end the issues surrounding gaming addiction but by creating an open dialogue with your children it can make good headway to understanding how to solve the problem. Vicky has written a top 10 list of things families and households can put in place to make sure that gaming can remain a fun, safe and family inclusive activitytop 10 list of things families and households can put in place to make sure that gaming can remain a fun, safe and family inclusive activity to be enjoyed by all.

Vicky on this morning

Vicky’s blog has been chosen to be one of the first creators to work with Facebook on the launch of their new gaming streaming service and has decided to use this platform to show how parents can get in on the gaming action too. The Motherhood Gaming will have live streaming content with age related battles to see who is better, the old school gamers with years of knowledge or the new generation of kids who bring a whole new meaning to flossing. There will also be gadget testing, blind bag openings, retro gaming and mobile gaming coverage, with Vicky on hand to answer questions on how you can introduce a new style games night with your family and what are the best games to play.

Vicky is currently looking to connect with gaming brands from all platforms to form relationships going forward. Currently the platforms used within The Motherhood household are mainly Xbox One, PC and mobile, but are open to testing games on other platforms should consoles be available. With game launches of Harry Potter Wizards Unite coming soon and the launch of family movies such as Detective Picachu and Sonic coming soon, there are more and more opportunities for families to get involved in the gaming scene together.

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