Life Update – What’s the tea?

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Yes, I know, I have not published in what seems like FOREVER! But, there have been good reasons. A lot has been happening here at The Motherhood HQ and it is only now that I can actually catch my breath slightly and sit down and let you know what’s been going on.  So here goes, let’s spill the tea on my life!

2018 ended in a spectacular fashion, not only did I finally meet someone from an online dating site that did not want to kill me, have strange fetishes, or vet me on my like of various cheese types, but actually wanted to have a relationship and date, so I now can say, I am officially in a relationship with Gavin.  Gavin is a good egg, I like him a lot *love*, and he is going to be helping out with blogs and video editing from now on, too!  I also have a birthday buddy who can share in my pain of being born on Christmas Eve, what are the chances?

December saw us with the nightmare before Christmas, which was a kitchen fire which has taken three months to put right. The damage was mostly caused by smoke and from the fire hose, but it did leave us without a cooker over Christmas and due to all the chaos we didn’t get the Christmas we wanted, no tree, no Christmas dinner, but we were together and that is what matters. I have however made a promise that this year Christmas will be spectacular!

Healthwise, well, I have not been in the hospital since August, so I am guessing that is a plus! I have not had to live on toast or have the dreaded colonoscopy tests done since, but things are being managed at home now, with the help of my GP. But, there is a but, I did have a mini-stroke or TIA in October which I am now being referred through to a neuro consultant for – YEY more tests! I have recovered. almost, I get migraines more often now which sucks and has limited my driving, but hopefully, I will get this managed and under control as well and things can get back to normal.

So, 2019, it started with a very low key new year, with the first couple of months being taken up by house renovations, office building, computer parts coming out of my ears, cats getting up to mischief and learning to cook almost all meals in a slow cooker or halogen air frier! Thankfully my kitchen is almost back to normal (you know you are an adult when you get excited about a hob being installed!) my office space is being organised too, with new developments afoot for a podcast series based on dating disasters and sharing embarrassing stories of when dates have gone really, really wrong.  I have a queue of people already offering to guest on my show, so look out for that starting near Easter.

And, finally, I have redesigned my website, as you can probably see!  I have been putting it off for a while, but I am pleased with how things are now and glad to have a so-called, relaunch for spring and the new year.  I would love to hear what you have been up to in the comments below, spill the tea and tell me your news!

Love, hugs and plenty of tea, sis!



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