Shopping on WISH – A gift guide of things you don’t want to buy


I love Wish, and many nights I find myself looking at random things on there wondering if it’s legit. If there is wine involved I normally hit the buy button and 4 weeks later have a fright when random stuff arrives at my door. This post is not sponsored in any way, nor am I affiliated with wish. All views are my own and there for entertainment reasons, if you do own any of these items, well, I’m sorry!


Wish.com is the bargain lovers dream. The easy accessible app with products listed as FREE or the bargain price of £1, the catch is you may be saving the odd £ here and there but you have to wait up to six weeks and you may not always get the item you ordered.

In my late night browsing I have come across the weird and wonderful side of wish and selected some items to compile the gift guide to end all gift guides – the items toy really don’t need from wish.

Pimple popping simulation

Do you like Dr Pimple Popper and wish you had your own test subject to torture by popping pimples? Well now you can let your friends and family be safe with this gadget that lets you pop away.

Bombay of beer belly from wish

Everyone knows that bum bags, waist bags or fanny packs are the height of the festival season attire. Now use that beer belly to smuggle in real beer!

Clam shell vagina maskBecause every Halloween party needs a vagina clam shell, am I right?

Not sure what to get for that special man in your life? Maybe not these…

Enjoy being close to the one you love? Now you can do it in style in a giant one legged tight!

I’m not even sure what to say about this… I’ll just leave this on here.

Cockroach pillows

I know what will help me sleep! A giant cockroach! Nope, nope, nopety, nope.

Inflatable penis costume

Ok, I get how this may be amusing, but for “Christmas festival”? Have I missed the memo about how we should place a penis on top of the Christmas tree this year? Not quite sure how it fits in with the virgin Mary theme, but we will see. Some glitter may make it all the more acceptable

Fried eggs with arms and legs

Because there is nothing as normal as fried eggs with arms and legs but no face…

Flowering uterus pin badge

I’m all for feminism, but do I really need a pin to wear that shouts “I’M ON MY PERIOD”? It is called the blooming uterus pin after all which is probably the most British way to curse about having your time of the month

Sunglasses for cats

Ok, just no. No cat is going to allow this. You will be killed in your sleep. Be warned!

We have all seen the Chilli pepper challenges on YouTube, now you can do the one where you can grow your own penis shaped peppers to wow your friends!

Sexy peppers

Of course, it would be not politically correct to have penis shaped peppers and not boob shaped ones, so here is another version!

Penis ma

Not impressed with the vagina clam shell? Well here is an actual knob head for you instead #couplegoals

If we have not already had sexually suggestive food already, maybe you may like to get your hands on these melons?

There you have it. My guide to the worst of wish! If you have found any gems yourself please let me know and if you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and I will keep my eyes open for the weird things online so you don’t have to!

Love, hugs and bargain hunting!

V x

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