Car Troubles – how often do you check your tyres?

Readers of my blog will be all too familiar with my bad luck when it comes to cars, remember the tyre blow out on the way to Blog on?  Or the engine fire in Winchester? I thought I had broken the curse of my car troubles, until recently that is. My car had been having some problems for a while, false starts, radio going screwy, windows misbehaving – but my car is French, that’s expected right?

Yellow space saver tyre

When it came to starting my car one morning I found the battery dead. Lucky for me a kind neighbour gave me a jump start and in remembering everything I had been taught by my Dad, I gave the car a good run to recharge the battery, thinking a light must have been on to cause it to run out. The following day the same thing happened again which is when I knew it was either a dud battery or something more serious like the alternator.  I purchased a mini jump start kit from Amazon to keep me on the move till I could get to a garage.

A few days later, with my car booked in with my local garage, I jump started my car with my little battery pack and pulled out of my drive. Something didn’t feel right.

Car tyre vw

I drove slowly out of my road wondering what was going on. The car was juddering and I presumed a coil misfire. I turned onto the main road and BANG! That’s when my dash lit up to tell me I had a blow out – on top of the battery issues.  This was my third tyre blow out and I thought I had learned from the past mistakes. My tyres were almost new, but the garage tells me it looks like I hit a pot hole, and in crawling to the garage 100 yards away, I destroyed the side wall of my tyre too.

Tyre blow outs from not checking your tyres are one of the leading causes of accidents on UK roads. Simple checks before you set off could save a life, but do you know what to look for? Many don’t but by educating yourself in some car safety tips can come in handy. When checking your tyres, look for uneven tread wear, look for any cracks of the side wall of your tyre, are there any buldges or bubbles? If so, you need to get yourself some new tyres for your car.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to replace your tyres is to have them delivered to your home. No matter where you live, there are companies who will match your tyre size and deliver to your door. Looking to buy tyres in Middlesex? Book tyres online & get them delivered at your door-step with Iverson’s.

Thank goodness for my local garage who were able to get me up and running again and super quick too. Next time I see any issues with my tyres, I will be checking out Iverson’s for my tyre needs.


This post was brought to you in conjunction with Iverson’s Tyres.

3 thoughts on “Car Troubles – how often do you check your tyres?

  • Making sure you check your tyres should be a priority especially before you go on a long journey. It’s also interesting that you mentioned it’s the main cause of accidents on the UK roads (never knew that). I once saw a car have a tyre blowout in-front of my car when i was driving down the road, not a pleasant experience at all.

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