Life Update – Whats been happening?

Can you believe that we are already through the first quarter of the year? It’s April, it’s spring! It only seemed like a couple of weeks ago I was clearing away Christmas decorations, and now in my journal it’s telling me to start planning my summer content schedule and get writing.

I have taken a hiatus from work to readjust things in life, there has been a few big changes which I am still getting used to. It’s been a rollercoaster start to the year, so let’s have a little update on my life.


Homelife is good. I have plans to do some budget interior make overs throughout the house which I think you will love. I am really looking forward to that cathartic clearing out of everything and making things feel fresh and new. Is it really sad that one of the things I’m most excited for is the weather getting warmer so I can get the washing hanging outside? There is something about it that gives me the warm fuzzy feelings.

Late last year we were looking at moving house to a beautiful converted barn with an aga stove, but how ever wonderful the house was, the practicality of the move and how much stress it would cause, we decided to stay put as we are actually really happy in our little home.

Nathan, his health and school

At the start of this year, Nathan, who is normally the most outgoing and active kid I know, got sick. We were not sure what was going on, we had a couple of admissions to the children’s ward at the hospital for observations and tests, but even the doctors were stumped. Nath had missed a considerable chunk of school because he was so run down and at the half term point we did not know if there was an end in sight. I made the decision to start home schooling Nathan so I could help him get better and so his education would not suffer. I am pleased to say that Nathan is getting better, we found out what the cause of all his issues were and I will cover that in another blog post very soon.

The home schooling process has started and we have come up with a weekly project system where Nathan will learn about different things each week, while also covering the basic English, maths and science. The areas which he was struggling with, mostly being creative in art and understanding things in science, we are working hard on building his confidence in these areas and he is doing amazing. He is getting his passion for learning back and I can already see how much more mature his conversations and thought processes are.


I have touched on Nathan’s health and thankfully that is now improving. I, however, it is another story. I have managed to avoid any further hospital admissions by treating myself at home and working closely with my family doctor who is a great support. The hospital on the other hand have passed me from department to department and have backtracked on diagnoses, come up with new ones and even told me that there is still nothing wrong.

It is frustrating, but I have found a set of medications now which seem to be working. I have the odd flare here and there, normally when I overdo it, but I know how to self manage it now and keep an eye on things. I am getting myself back to normal but having to learn to pace myself and not try and do everything myself!

Projects, charity work and blogging

There are some great things coming up in the pipeline that are spurring me to get back to blogging and start loving what I do. I had lost touch with writing for a while, I have loads of posts in draft which I just never got round to finishing or hit a wall with getting my words out. Thankfully that seems to be changing and I have been talking to some great brands to work with.

I am also getting involved with a charity based in the UK who helps to provide safe shelter, schooling and more to disadvantaged children in Africa. I will be working closely with the team to organise fundraising events and also provide coverage as to how the money is spent.

I want to travel more this year and I am looking forward to some get aways with Nathan where we can explore new places and meet new people.

And that about sums it up. I could have gone into way more detail about things but I think it is best to cover those another time. Please let me know if you would like to hear more about our home schooling journey, or see our interior make over and how we transform our rented house on a budget!

Love, hugs and chocolate muffins

V x

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