Valentine’s for Singles – Self love and random acts of kindness

Valentine’s Day as a single person, it can be daunting for some. The day of love, the day of romance, the day of over priced cheap pink and red chocolates and cuddly toys. It doesn’t have to be about that though. For me, it’s about loving and embracing who I am, sharing love with not just that “one” special person, but showing friends and family that you appreciate their love and support. On this day, it’s also the perfect time to express random acts of kindness and spread more love.

The best gift is you

But if you are one of the three million single people in the UK, here is my guide to surviving the day of love, and having fun too!

Pancakes and baconPancakes

2018 sees a wonderful mash of holidays. First we have Valentine’s day and Pancake Day on consecutive days then we get Easter Sunday and April Fools Day together too! On Valentine’s this year, start the day with the breakfast food of the gods, pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. Add strawberries if you must, whipped cream if you are being fancy.

Pamper yourself

The day is about love, and you should love and appreciate you. Be it spending time running a hot bubble bath and relaxing at the end of the day, or treating yourself to a spa treatment, new nails or a fresh haircut. You should do this today, enjoy it. Embrace it.

Love your interiors 

Your home should be a place where you love to relax and somewhere that shows off an extension of your personality. I have recently fallen in love with the home accessory store, Vintage Playing Cards who have a whole host of prints and artwork, clocks and gifts to hang in your home. Personalised to you or to your tastes, give your home some love too by including something fabulous in your surroundings.

Being mindful

Being Mindful

It is becoming a bit of a cliche now, even doctors are prescribing mindfulness as a way to deal with the daily struggles instead of running and hiding from them, or worse. By taking some time to reflect on you, your life, your goals, make positive affirmations which will resonate with you and give yourself a clearer mindset, you will be on the way to becoming mindful. Now, everyone knows that with embracing mindfulness, it also means that you have a good reason to dig out a journal or two so you can track your progress. Bullet journalling is fantastic and there are some great products out there like the official bullet journal from Lechterm, the life planner from Tigg or even just some beautiful notebooks by castelli. Indulge in your creative side on your mindful journey.


Eat, drink and be merry

You don’t need the love of your life to go and have fun with, you have every other day for that, don’t contribute to the commercialism! Instead, get your friends round for a good night of food and drinks. Celebrate your friendship, drink cocktails, talk and laugh without being distracted by phones (unless it’s for selfies of course!). If you don’t fancy a night in, head out – what other night would be best to paint the town red? Check for any special events locally too. If you do want to indulge, why not get all cheesy with yourself? Get it? Cheesy? Ok, I’ll get my coat!

Valentine's cheese from wyke farm


Plan a getaway

It doesn’t have to be a romantic getaway. It doesn’t even have to be with someone else. Embrace solo travelling and visit new cities. Take a walk and soak up the atmosphere, indulge in some local food and drinks, take photos and enjoy being you.

Celebrate body confidence with a photo shoot

No matter how wonderful people may look on the outside, everyone has insecurities and the majority of us, if given the chance would change something about their body. Become confident in your own skin, love who you are, your flaws, they are you and what makes you unique. Be brave and stand in front of the camera and show the world who you are.

Adopt a pet

If you still feel like your life is missing something, but being single is amazing as you don’t have to worry about farting in bed, the next best thing is to adopt or rescue a pet. There are hundreds of shelters around, many full to capacity with loving animals looking for their forever home.

Buy yourself flowers

Buy yourself flowers

Bring spring into your home and a pop of colour with some flowers. Not only will they make you smile you can also pass the off as being from a secret admirer too!

Random act of kindness

Random act of kindness

What day would it be better to show love? Small gestures like buying someone a coffee, giving them a little gift to show your friendship, or even taking time out to spend the day with less fortunate will not only warm your heart but that of others around you too.

Notebook and badge set by ustudio

On the upside, being single, we don’t need to worry about 14th March!

Let me know how you will be spending your Valentine’s Day below or on Facebook.

Love, hugs and 12 red roses,

V x


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