January Blues – Live happy, live hygge

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January, the start of a new year. New promises, new diets, new plans, new goals, and most of all new stresses. For many, January is the worst month of the year, with the 2nd Monday of the month being marketed as Blue Monday – the day that most people realise that going to the gym when it’s cold and raining sucks, and there are still some left over Christmas chocolates which need eating.  In turn, the result is stress, guilt and a general feeling crappyness which fills our hearts and minds, as we long for summer holidays, bbqs and complaining that the weather is just too damn hot!

Why do we put ourselves through the same pattern every year? Why do we fall into the trap of the media telling us that on this day, out of all the days in the year, that today we will feel like shit? We are not machines, but too much of our life and moods are controlled by how the media dictates we should behave. I can only hope that the vulnerable amongst us do not buy into this “blue Monday” rubbish, which could lead someone on the edge, likely to tip over.

Laptop and workstation

Instead of thinking and searching out the worst of this month, we should be making lists and reasons to be happy. We should be embracing the Hygge lifestyle from that of the Scandanavians, and embracing our weather, lack of money, and our left over Christmas chocolates by being Hygge.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain. Hygge is the term used for all things cosy, warm, comforting, and homely. We are talking blankets, fluffy socks, hot chocolate, fairy lights, candles, books, wood burning stoves, bullet journalling, cuddles, comfort food, and all those things that fill you with the warm fuzzy feeling of being cocooned in a bubble of warmth.

That is what January means to me. I leave all my action plans and goals to the spring, as that to me signals new beginnings. Do not worry yourself with failed new years resolutions, and that chocolate needed to be eaten!

Let me know in the comments how you plan to make your January more Hygge and if you have photos, pop over to our Facebook page and share your Hygge looks with us.

Love, hugs and fairy lights

V x

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