REVIEW – Airhogs Micro Race Drone

Airhogs Micro Race drone

We were offered the chance to review the Airhogs Micro Race Drone by SpinMaster and Nathan was beyond excited to get his hands on this new gadget.

Airhogs Micro Race drone

With an age range of 8+, Nathan who is now 11 thought it was a great toy for big kids of any age who love to play with tech and gadgets. We have previously unboxed other SpinMaster flying toys on our YouTube Channel so were excited to see how this drone stood up to Nathan’s play tests.

Whatever your skill level at flying drones and the like, this Airhogs Micro Drone has been designed to be used by anyone with any ability. The easy to use controls means that in a few minutes even I was controlling it like a pro.

Of course, one of the biggest fears with toys such as these is the crash stability. We are very used to small plastic helicopters which after hitting the ceiling and bouncing around the room out of control, the propellers are squiff, meaning it’s even harder to fly next time round. With this drone we had none of those issues as it has a crash resistant frame and protected propellers.

Packaging micro race drone

The drone is perfect for flying indoors as it is nimble and lightweight. With the adaptable flying skill levels it is great when you build your own course which you and your friends race to fly through in the quickest time. With the adapted features such as auto take off and landing, it makes flying and racing this drone great fun.

The Airhogs Micro Race Drone features the following;

  • Compete in adrenaline-fueled indoor drone racing with the Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone. Coming in at 3″ x 3″ x 1″, this nimble flyer is perfect for agility in small spaces.
  • Flight assist technology with automatic take-off, height-lock and landing makes taking to the air and racing back to base a cinch for even first-time flyers.
  • Engineered with durable ducted propellers, the DR1 is a tough drone capable of enduring tumbles and crashes.
  • Drone for kids aged 8+. Drone charges via USB. 4-Channel controller requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included. Communication frequency of 2.4 GHz. Charge for 30 minutes, fly for 7 minutes.

We will be doing a full demo on our YouTube Channel very soon so look out for that. We were provided a drone on behalf of SpinMaster to conduct our review.

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