Hard times and difficult decisions – how funerals are changing

If someone wanted to have a conversation with you about funerals, the first thought would most likely be that they are a little morbid or maybe even having some dark thoughts you should know about. It can be a topic which is as taboo as sex, because no one really wants to talk about it but everyone has an opinion on how it should be done.

When my Dad passed away we met with a funeral director to talk over my Dad’s wishes.  Not one for conformity, my Dad wanted no fuss, in fact he asked to be put in a bin bag and thrown in the canal. Much to the horror of the funeral director who tried to divert our attention with eco funerals in woodland with eco cardboard coffins, that cost more than a standard casket for cremation.  We op-ed for as low key as we could, no cars, a short service and a few drinks at my Dads golf club.

Recently I got to speak with Adam Derring from Pride Planning on how the funeral market has changed and how modern celebrities deaths have paved the way for newer services to be offered.


Why has the cost of funerals risen so much? 

Many variable factors drive up funeral costs from cremation fees, ministers fees and funeral directors costs. Currently doubling every 10 years which is a worry for a lot of people. 

Do you find younger people are preparing more for funerals than before? 

Younger people are certainly investment savvy and we have seen an upturn in enquiries from younger people who recognise that fixing the cost at today’s funeral prices will save their family a lot of money later on down the line, no matter how far ahead that may be. 

What makes Pride a reliable business for funeral planning?

Pride Planning operate an independent trust managed by professional trustees and award winning international fund managers. The Trust is valued annually by our actuary and has historically and is currently out performing rising funeral costs allowing our customers to benefit from this growth with a fixed price pre-paid funeral. 

Celebrity funerals are often big news. :9 you see an increase in elaborate enquiries after a high profile funeral? 

Yes we have had a lot of enquiries for a direct cremation product after David Bowie did this. A direct cremation is where the body is picked up and just ashes returned to the family so no actual funeral. So much so that we have now launched a direct cremation product. 

Having heard about the direct cremation services which are now offered, this would have been a choice that my Dad could have probobly got on board with. The rest of the family however, not so much as they always seem to have opinions which can cause friction between family members at the worst of times.

However taboo the subject matter is, make sure you voice your wishes to a family member or a funeral director, who will be happy to excicute your wishes should the time arise. Be bold, be challenging, but most of all keep your sense of style, humour and uniqueness around the situation.

This post was made in conjunction with Pride Planning and Go:PR, Manchester.

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