Feeling Brave? Starting High School with #BravebyNature

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September is just a few days away, and while the 1st of September for me always marks my late fathers birthday, this year it comes with a new anniversary, and one Nathan is going to remember for the rest of his life. This Friday, Nathan starts at High School, and we have spent the last week getting ready and discussing the transition from primary to secondary school and what tips he can take with him to make his first few weeks easier.

Going from a small primary school of 170, where Nathan knew some of his class mates from when he was six months old at pre-school, to going to a big high school with over 1500 students is a big step.  The safe aspects of his primary with just a small handful of classrooms, tiny chairs and staff he has known for years have given comfort to Nathan, and his concerns have been echoed throughout the summer holidays. His concerns however have also been matched with excitement and wonder as his new school has not only its own swimming pool, but also a farm with pigs, llamas, sheep, goats and cows to look after if you wish to study Agriculture and Animal Care in GCSE years and above.

Working in conjunction with BritMums and Highland Spring Water, this summer we have educated ourselves in how drinking water throughout the school day can really increase short term memory and help boost children’s learning potential. We were fascinated to find out there is a Natural Hydration Council who’s aim is to educate everyone on the health benefits of drinking the correct amount of good, clean, water each day to promote a healthy lifestyle. Most children mistake thirst for hunger, so turn to salty or sugary snacks to get them through the day, especially at high school where vending machines and cafes are available for them to grab snacks on the go.  I have talked to Nathan about keeping hydrated and how this can improve his concentration and his mood with taking on the new challenge of starting a new school, armed with Highland Spring water in his bag on his first day at school means that we are starting of the term on the right foot, and making positive changes to Nathan’s education too.

With it being such a big step Nathan and I have come up with a few tips, along with drinking plenty of water, that anyone can take along with them if they are starting High School or a new school the September.

  • Make sure you get your bag packed in plenty of time and check your equipment list. Do you need anything extra like a fountain pen or a protractor for your first day?
  • Check that you have completed any summer reading or summer homework and get this done in plenty of time before starting school.
  • Do you have a list of emergence numbers or contacts that you can get hold of if you miss the bus or get held back at school? It is best to keep these in your school homework diary so you always know where they are.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help in your time at High School, it is normal to get lost and be late for classes in the first few weeks, members of staff will always be helpful.
  • Remember you manners, say please and thank you.
  • Do not take in anything to school which is valuable to you or is on the list of things you should not take in, like fidget spinners and tech gadgets.  Mobile phones should be off until the final bell rings at school.
  • If you need to contact home during the school day, ask the office for help. Do not get in trouble by using a mobile phone when they are not to be switched on during the day.
  • Keep your uniform nice and tidy, looking smart will help you feel good about yourself.
  • Make new friends! Don’t be shy as there are another 200 people your age starting the same school on the same day as you who all have the same feelings as you!
  • If you are taking part in sports its very important to drink plenty of water too!
  • Have fun and enjoy it, High School will be over before you know it and you will be going on to the next bigger and better things in life very soon.

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Do you have children that are starting High School or a new school this September? Will you be sending them in with bottled water to make sure they stay hydrated and hope it will boost their attention and learning ability as one of their #TermTimeEssentials?  We would love to hear your stories about how staying hydrated has helped you tackle a big task or sporting event.

This post is in collaboration with Highland Spring Water and BritMums on their #BravebyNature campaign, which highlights the benefits of hydration for children. Get additional advice and benefits of hydration for children on http://www.highlandspring.com/


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