The art of sharing with Prezzo and Britmums

When I eat out with friends and family I love to share food.  There is something beautiful about being able to share food, especially good food we love, with those that we care about most. It was something that I was encouraged to do when growing up and something I have continued with Nathan, too.  Animal instinct is to protect your food, to not share, to keep the good things for yourself. This always reminds me of the iconic quote from Joey in Friends “Joey doesn’t share food!”

Western cultures, especially, have developed a “My plate, my food” stance when it comes to eating, but other cultures and even other religions encourage the sharing of food when dining. It is becoming more of a norm now to see sharing platters as starters on a menu, but it was a refreshing change to hear about a full sharing meal option from Italian restaurant chain, Prezzo.

For the cost of £30, a family of four can eat at one of their beautiful restaurants and indulge in a three course meal, with soft drinks, for the whole family. The catch, which is not really a catch at all, you all share a huge bowl of pasta between the family.  The meal consists of garlic bread, a choice of four pastas (with gluten free options available too), four ice creams and four soft drinks. I can easily eat out with Nathan at a main stream eatery and pay the same for less. This offer sounded too good to be true. We assumed portions would be small, but we were overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the food. Both were outstanding.

When the food arrived on the table there was an obvious delight in Nathan’s eyes as he looked over the feast that was in front of us.  It is magical to see everyone around you reaching for food, an entanglement of arms as people place food onto their own plates, and others in the art of sharing.

It is great to see the personalities of everyone’s eating preferences come out. For me, I take little bits at a time to enjoy the food, for Nathan, it was clear that his eyes were bigger than his stomach as he tried to fill his plate with as much as he could, at one point he even made a sandwich of garlic bread and carbonara because he wanted all the food at the same time! There was laughter, there was food and best of all there was no food envy.

After admitting defeat, the lovely staff at Prezzo Preston boxed up the remaining food so we could take it home with us. That pleased me no end as it helps reduce food waste, and that we had dinner for that evening sorted too. But, there is always room for pudding and we were presented with a selection of sorbet and gelato from the dessert menu. The sharing continued with us all trying each of the frozen delights which came in frosted bowls for an added elegant touch. We each tried and found that we all had our own favourites, mine being the chocolate and sea salt gelato and Nathan’s being the tangy blood orange sorbet.

With full stomachs and smiles on our faces we departed Prezzo after thanking the staff for their hospitality. Nathan, who had a birthday party to attend next declared that he could no bounce on the trampolines as he needed a lie down! Armed with our takeaway boxes we went on our way, promising that we will visit again for the ambience and enjoyment of sharing of beautiful food, made with love.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo.

All views and images are our own. We were provided the meal as part of the challenge through the Brit Mums Network. Thank you to both Prezzo and Britmums for a wonderful opportunity to share food with each other and our thoughts with my readers.

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