The reality of online dating

I have posted previously about some of the wonderful messages which I get from being single and having an active dating profile.  It is a daily occurrence that I get at least one random message which either makes no sense or is just down right perverted.

I am not to be deterred though in my pursuit of happiness. There will be some form of diamond in the rough so to speak, I am just not sure if OK Cupid will be where they are located. Here is the latest instalment of “How to creep out women on dating sites!”

Thanks, but tea drinking will be an ongoing issue. But thanks for the concern.

There is a long answer to this and a short one… let’s go with the latter? No.


I would look lovely in a pair of sheep skin boots, thanks!


Learn to spell, please!


That sounds like you want to wear my skin?


Ok… thanks…

My brow game is strong!

Really? You like cankles?

Stay tuned for more dating disaster stories!

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