Do you want to be a Ninja?

If you are an adult or a child, at some point in your life you have had the want to be a ninja. Be it creeping in late from a night out, most likely when drunk, or as a child trying to get up to the automatic doors in the supermarket without them opening, we all have given it a go.

But there are some which take it more seriously and those people aspire to be on TV shows like Ninja Warrior (or Gladiators back in the day), they take extreme sports and training as serious business, but if you aspire to take part in such a show, how can you train for such enduring punishment? Well, now you can train your heart out with the opening of Total Ninja in Manchester.

The first of its kind in the world, bringing endurance training and children’s soft play together to make a family filled activity zone. Children from ages 5 to 10 can swing, jump and climb their way across a multitude of obstacles. With the older kids, and by that I mean adults too… Can take part in the full range of activities as seen in the show, with expert ninja trainers on hand to help.  From 11 plus, kids and adults can really test their efforts on the four runs which are set at varying abilities. All with crash mats and safety features, if you are looking to make sure your kids sleep at night, this is where to bring them.

Opening fully in June, the venue is based in the Trafford Park area of Manchester and has easy transport links. Sessions last one hour and full pricing is yet to be confirmed, but is around £7.50 for children and £15 for adults. There is also a full cafe which serves snacks and drinks for those parents, like me, who just want to sit and watch.

We are here on the soft opening launch. That means it’s not fully open to the public yet as they are ironing out the creases before the full launch just in time for May Half Term.  There are workmen working frantically to make sure everything is polished and it looks like it will be a huge hit with children and adults alike.

Check out our YouTube video too!

Please note. Nathan and his friend were given complimentary access to the test run opening of Total Ninja in return for an honest review and feed back of the attraction.

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