The reality of online dating

I have posted previously about some of the wonderful messages which I get from being single and having an active dating profile.  It is a daily occurrence that I get at least one random message which either makes no sense or is just down right perverted. I am not to be deterred though in my
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Foodie Friday – Ta’am Manchester

Give Nathan the choice of food to eat and he will pick from a short list. Burgers, wraps, curry or pasta. We were recently invited to Ta’am in Manchester and after a quick glance of the menu, I knew Nathan would be in his element. Martine welcomed us with open arms as we arrived to
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Do you want to be a Ninja?

If you are an adult or a child, at some point in your life you have had the want to be a ninja. Be it creeping in late from a night out, most likely when drunk, or as a child trying to get up to the automatic doors in the supermarket without them opening, we
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