Half Term Boredom Buster Suggestions

With the half term just around the corner, you may be looking forward to the week long break with the children, but all of us parents know that by the end of the holidays we are wishing the normality of day to day life to arrive back, and quickly. The crowd of “I’m bored!”, “I’m hungry!”, “I want to…”, “I don’t want to…”, they become the start of most conversations.

I have come up with a few suggestions of how to curb the boredom during the half term which are sure to entertain.

Get Active

Getting out and doing something is one of the main ways to make sure that you and the children do not go stir crazy and that an IV of coffee or gin is not needed to get you through the week.

In Manchester, we are very excited to learn that very soon Total Ninja will be opening. Based on the hit TV show, Ninja Warrior, children and adults can run, jump, climb and swing your way across a course which will challenge and exhaust even the most active of children.

Eating Out

It’s only normal that with having an active half term that eating out will happen at some point, be it a picnic or a family eatery. There are plenty of places I can recommend but each family has different tastes and budgets. What I can suggest is that if you scout the internet you can always find discount vouchers or take advantage of Two for One meal offers.

We love nothing more than packing up a picnic in the car and heading out for the day on an adventure, not knowing where we will end up, but know we will be making memories along the way. There are loads of wonderful picnic ideas for the family on Pintrest. Tie your picnic in with an ice cream and you are on to a winner!

Rainy Day Plans

We all know that the British weather means that rainy day plans should always be in place. It may be coming into summer but we still have those chilly days where wrapping up with duvets and blankets to watch movies and TV shows with the family. Popcorn and pizza nights can be a great way to wind down. Amazon Prime Video┬ámembers can access a whole host of movies and TV shows that are being exclusively released just in time for half term viewing. With The BFG, Swallows and Amazon’s, Dino Dana and Bookaboo, there is content for all ages.

Whatever you plan for the half term, here at The Motherhood we hope you have a stress free holiday, and remember that there is always a glass of wine at the end if the day for you if it all gets too much!

Do you have any tips for getting by in the half term holidays or the ever approaching summer break? We would love for you to leave a comment here or on the Facebook page.

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