Would you like to become a Wellness Network UK Ambassador?

Do you have an interest in helping you and your family with natural health and wellness methods?

Do you know that essential oils can play a key part in supporting natural health and wellness?

Myself and Emma from The Crazy Wellness Coach are looking for a team of Wellness Network UK  Blogger Ambassadors who we will work with over the next 12 months on an aim to demonstrate and help them discover how essential oils can be used throughout the day to day goings on, and how you can aim to live a natural life, chemical free.

We are selecting five ambassadors to work with us at the moment in our initial test run of the ambassador programme.  We will be hosting wellness retreats, workshops, and classes for the ambassadors and their families to get involved in.

Would you like to be part of this? Do you want to find out more?  Please fill in this Google Form and we will be contacting our chosen bloggers at the end of the week.



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