Crazy cat lady… yes! I am indeed!

In July last year you will have seen that Juniper came home with me to be the newest member of our household. She fitted right in with our little crazy life, but I did think she was bored on her own when I would be away, our other cat, Ben, is a grumpy old man and does not want to play.

My friends cat had kittens and of course the crazy cat lady in me fell in love with the little balls of claws and fluff.  I was lucky enough to be given one to bring home as a playmate for Join! I was so excited as was Nathan. So yesterday, Rocket, joined our little family, making it more cats than people, but I’m ok with that.

I honestly thought Joon would be really open to the new kitten coming into the house as she’s not even one yet herself. She is very inquisitive with the cats that come into the garden and the odd cat that ends up in the house too, but she has gone into full on hissy fit mode, growling and howling at everything and everyone, including me if I try to pet her.

I feel so bad as Joon was so happy before and now, well grumpy is the mild way of describing her mood. It’s only been 24 hours that Rocket has been here, and I know it will take some time before the status quo is restored.

To try and make things easier I have followed plenty of tips and guidance from online about introducing a new kitten into the house, like I did with introducing Benny and Joon, Rocket spends his evening when we go to bed in the bathroom with everything he needs. We have a bit of crying when we first leave him, but we had that too with Joon when we did the same thing. This way the other two get to have free roam of the house and pick their sleeping spots without fear of being pounced on by a kitten!

Anyway, of course you want to see him, right?

He’s asleep at the back with the rest of his litter before we took him home.

Here he is chilling on my bed.

I will update you on kittengate soon!

Love, hugs and kittens

V x

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