Money Saving and Living The Good Life

When it comes to being a single parent, and one that is also self employed, there is a need for money saving and sometimes living frugal. This is in no way a bad thing, not in my book anyway, and actually a life skill that I am teaching to Nathan as well. (His Dad will be reading this and grinning as he loves a bit of money saving!)

There are some simple ways which you can cut your household bills down and reap the benefits of money saving to spend on things like days out, holidays, extra birthday presents, treat yourself to something special, or like today’s unexpected bill when my car has just failed it’s MOT!

Make lists of what you have in the house and store cupboards before going shopping. You may think you have nothing in the house, but more than likely you will have a good few meals worth of things hidden away that you have forgotten about.

Never go shopping hungry. This is one of the worst mistakes someone can make as you come home with things you don’t need. I am a prime example for this, I had to pop to The Range for some craft supplies for a blog post, I came back with a 2kg box of broken biscuits, malt loaf and eggs. I needed none of these and most of all I forgot to get the craft items too.

Shop online and use comparison sites to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Always check for vouchers before you buy, either in print in magazines and newspapers or online by using a site like Voucher Slug. By using vouchers you can save on your overall purchases – but be careful of falling into the trap of spending more because you are saving!

Make a realistic household budget and check it over ever six months to make sure that you are keeping in line with your expenditure.

If like me you are self employed, it’s worth getting an app to photograph and store your receipts and invoices for your accounting. It’s much easier than going through bags of paper receipts too.

Look for local food co-ops who have meetings every once in while to distribute near sell by date food to people in the community to reduce food waste. Or there are apps like OLIO who also do the same thing.

Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while too. There is no point saving money if you can’t enjoy the good things in life sometimes!

Love, hugs and frugality

V x

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