Let Harry Potter Help Improve Your Child’s Reading Level

If you were to ask your child what their thoughts were about reading, they would likely respond that it is a boring pastime which they don’t enjoy doing.

This can often seem strange to a parent who knows the enjoyment which reading can bring, along with the benefits it provides.

However, to a child, it’s all about school books which they don’t enjoy. And here lies your opportunity. The next time that your child wants to read a new book, instead of heading to the library for an educational book, head to the Groupon Coupons page for Lakeside Collection and pick up a fiction based novel which your child will enjoy.

While it can seem counterintuitive for your child to spend their study or reading time learning about wizards and dragons, below are two powerful reasons why you should consider the idea.

Expand Their Vocabulary
There is no denying that the majority of a student’s vocabulary will be derived from their textbooks and their teacher. And while is provides a reasonable vocabulary selection, it leaves a large bulk of students to hand in essays and exam questions which all look remarkably similar, using the same vocabulary set.

Genres such as thriller, fantasy, crime, and even biographies will open up a child’s mind to a set of words they would have never been exposed to and words which can help them express their thoughts and arguments in more detail and more accurately.

This skill is particularly helpful when it comes time for entrance exams. The biggest challenge for students during this time is turning in an entrance exam which stands out from the rest. By using a wide vocabulary set, students can show assessors that they have learned more than their peers and are proactive enough to take on additional learning.

Rewrite Their Sentences
Every adult knows that there are many ways in which you can write a sentence which will change its meaning entirely. Whether it’s convincing somebody of your argument or attempting to solicit an emotional response from the reader, how you structure your sentences can determine how effective your words are.

Textbooks are designed to present information to students in the easiest possible way to understand. Of course, this leaves little room for imagination or creativity, leaving students to learn only a few ways of writing, all of them being focused on education.

By reading novels which are designed to make the reader feel an emotion or take an adventure in their mind, children are learning multiple ways to express their thoughts and their words to not only ensure they are projecting the right thought, but are doing so in a way which could manipulate the response to their benefit.

If your student doesn’t consider reading to be enjoyable or beneficial, try opening up the genre of books they are reading and see if their enthusiasm doesn’t improve. Along with their interest in reading, they will also be unknowingly learning new words and ways to write, helping their immediate and further education.


This post was published as a guest article to my site in conjunction with Groupon.

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