40 things to do before turning 40 – the realistic parents version

I have three years, and seven months to go until I hit 40. This only dawned on me properly recently. I’m getting older, I am the grown up! Turning 30 was not such a big deal, it was marked by a wonderful holiday, but I didn’t feel any different and even now, in my own mind, I still think I am in my mid 20’s.

But, sadly, that is not the case. I am growing up and actually, turning 40 doesn’t scare me, in fact it’s actually motivated me to update my list of things to do before turn 40. It is just a number after all, but it is satisfying to look back and actually agree that you have achieved something – and then can set a whole new list of challenges to conquer before turning 50.

If course, if I am going to set challenges for myself, I am going to be realistic about them, things like skydiving, running a marathon, visiting all seven continents of the world are not feasible so let’s make this list a bit different.

The Motherhoods of 40 things a Mum should do before she turns 40. 

  1. Bathe in peace. And I mean with no one in the house. No notes to be passed under the door, no children coming in to take a crap, just pure, uninturupted bliss.
  2. Buy a handbag that you like, not because it’s practical and can hold everything you ever need because you are a mother and have to be prepared for everything.
  3. Go out for dinner with said handbag that contains no bits of Lego or half eaten chocolate bars.
  4. While at dinner, order a proper bottle of wine and enjoy it. Do not feel guilty if it costs more than taking the family to maccys. This is your time!
  5. Book a night away in a hotel so you can actually have a lie in.
  6. Order room service breakfast in bed. Eat in bed and don’t care about the crumbs.
  7. Read a series of books you have always wanted to read.
  8. Paddle in the ocean. Bonus points if it’s by moonlight.
  9. See a West End show. Bonus points if you see a Broadway show.
  10. Celebrate New Years Eve somewhere new.
  11. Do a random act of kindness at least once a year. Surprise someone.
  12. Volunteer your spare time around the festive season to help families less fortunate.
  13. Pay it forward, pay for a strangers coffee.
  14. Get a tattoo, something that means something.
  15. See the northern lights, even if you stay within the UK, travel as far north as you can and experience the lights.
  16. Learn a new language, emoji doesn’t count.
  17. Have a week without social media.
  18. Create a family recipe which you can hand down. Perfect it.
  19. Write down memories and keep a memory journal or jar.
  20. Go on an unplanned road trip, don’t pack, buy what you need on the road and see where you end up.
  21. Clear out your wardrobe, be honest with yourself about getting back into those jeans.
  22. Complete a craft project. How many things have you started and not actually finished?
  23. Detox your life. Look into other ways to clean your home, be chemical free and feel healthier for it.
  24. Plant a herb garden, and actually look after it. The pots from the supermarket don’t count!
  25. Teach someone a skill you have and transfer knowledge.
  26. Eat ice cream for breakfast, in winter.
  27. Send hand written letters to your closest friends.
  28. Complete a photo a day challenge. Get each photo printed in a photo album.
  29. Dance and sing in your underwear at least once a month.
  30. Binge watch your favourite tv series again, pull an all nighter with it. Bonus points if you can get someone to watch it with you that’s never seen it, double points if they end up loving it too.
  31. Go on a date. If you are happily loved up, go on a date with your other half but make it a proper date where they must pick you up and flirt their way home with you. If you are single, go on bumble or tinder and have some fun.
  32. If a busker or musician in the street impresses you and makes you stop, make sure you tip them.
  33. Eat out every day of the week. Have one week of no dishes at home.
  34. Complete a 30 day cleanse. It may feel like it’s killing you at first but it will be worth it.
  35. Write a letter to your children to open when they are 18.
  36. Plan that dream holiday, and book it.
  37. Drive a very expensive car for the day.
  38. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to find.
  39. Learn to say no and not feel guilty about it.
  40. Make a list of 100 things that make you happy. If you are ever down, read that list.

And there you have it, my realistic 40 things Mums can do before they are 40. Would you add anything else to the list? How long have you got till your next milestone birthday? Does it worry you? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Love, hugs and birthday cake

V x

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