Being single and why that is ok for me

It turns out I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t pretend to be something I am not and sometimes my honesty can get me into difficult situations. I am who I am and it has taken me some time and through a number of difficult times to actually come to love who I am, and if someone else doesn’t love me, then that is fine. I am not going to be something I am not in life. 

So, this means I am now single again. The first thought about being single was joy. I can starfish in bed, hog all the pillows, have my cats sleep with me and other, shallow and selfish things that I enjoy. Then, came the fear. This means dating again. Dating websites. Random messages. And worst of all… dick pics. No matter what you say to some men, they assume that sending a dick pic is a new virtual version of a handshake. “Hey, nice to match with you, here is my penis, you may compliment it. No, please do compliment it!!” It really can be terrifying. 

But then I wondered, do I need to date? Do I need to find THE ONE? Do I need to really put myself out on an online platform to get the attention of random men, most of who are looking for notches on bed posts or an ego boost. Does society really expect us to be in a relationship and be joined at the hip with someone?

The answer was No. I realised I am ok being single. I am ok on my own. I am independent and this may add more to the crazy cat lady theory, but I will go with that. I am ok being me. And while Internet dating sites can hold some twisted entertainment value, I am not in any rush to becoming someone’s other half. I am complete with being me. 

Are you a single parent or do you have stories or tips on how to meet Mr Right that don’t involve swiping left or right? I would love to hear your dating horrors too!  

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