Just a Mum? No, you are a superhero! Celebrating Mothers Day

Have you ever heard the phrase, “just a Mum”?  Maybe you have said it about yourself or heard a friend say it in passing. As it is Mothering Sunday this weekend, I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as being “just a Mum”, because being a Mum is one of the most demanding, yet rewarding jobs there is in the world, and really we should be celebrating our motherhood with other mums and reminding them how awesome they actually are. 

From the moment that a woman falls pregnant, her body does magical and amazing things for the next nine months. These tests which our body puts us through are just the preliminary rounds and warm ups as to what real motherhood is like. As mothers, we value the life of our children far beyond our own. We skip meals, showers, lose out on much needed sleep and rest, and long gone are the days when we can use the bathroom without having 101 questions asked to us about life, the universe and everything. We dedicate our lives to raising these tiny humans, to teach them right from wrong, in the hope that one day, that they will learn that the washing goes in the laundry basket, dishes go in the sink and rubbish goes in the bin. We dream of the day when they can bring a cup of tea or coffee to us – and I’m not talking about the imaginary cups of tea that we all have to endure drinking when our budding chefs are playing with a kitchen. 

We guide our children through the roller coaster that is life, learning with them along the way. Memories of our childhood can be raw when you see your own child going through similar. We dedicate our lives to loving and providing for these people, who will one day be looking after us. 

Whether you are a single mum or going through this journey of motherhood with support, I would like to take a moment to say what an amazing job you are doing. As it is Mothers Day, I really think it should be a day to celebrate Motherhood across the board, to congratulate each other on getting through all those hard times, to say thank you to our mothers for the love and support that they provided and for bringing us into the world.  It’s not just a day for cards and flowers, it should be a day that empowers women to be the best that they can be and one where we show our children that being a strong female who has a passion for life is one of the best role models a child could have. 

My Mum passed away five years ago and I miss her every day. Growing up she was always there for me and she let me grow and make mistakes but was always there for me. It has taken me some time to realise that I have learnt so much from her and when I was a teenager, in those difficult years, I did see us like chalk and cheese, but now I can see traits of my mum cropping up in my day to day life and instead of running screaming like some would do if they were told they were acting like their mum, instead I am embracing it as I am proud to be the person I am, the mum that I am and the superhero that I am.

Love, hugs and breakfast in bed,

V X 

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