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Hygge life - journaling and mugs of tea

I procrastinate. I will admit it. I procrastinate and I sometimes need a kick up the arse to get motivated again.  I think we all have these moments at some time or another. For creative types it can come more frequently than we would like to admit. 

It is easy to push things to one side and do something else. Netflix is the catalyst for many an afternoon lost, just one more episode… But is this something to feel guilty about?  Should we be able to use our time and waste away hours and feel no guilt? Guilt makes it sound like doing something for yourself and taking time for you is actually a bad thing. When you are a parent, you will know that your needs do come second, third or even last – depending on how many people you have to please. 

Sometimes we need that procrastination space to process our lives, catalog what’s happening and plan our next set of moves. Sometimes we just procrastinate because it’s all a bit too much and life is… Well,  life! Doesn’t mean we are not capable of achieving our goals, it just means they are on a different path that we will catch up to when we are ready, after the next series of OITNB?

But sometimes we need a hand to get out of our funk. To push on and get back to what we love doing. It’s easy to hide under the duvet, mine take me prisoner on a regular basis and I need to plan my escape in a careful manner. But there is one simple thing that can get me out of a slump. A shiny new notebook. 

I’m serious, the thought of filling a book with lists and plans fills me with excitement. I love the planning, the sense of accomplishment, it gives me drive and pleasure. I think it’s why I fell in love with bullet journaling,  and even though I use my journal on a daily basis, I collect new notebooks and fill them full of ideas.

I would love to know what gets you out of a procrastination slump and back to the creative zone. Share your tips below!

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