February 2017 Round Up

I have been swept away by the weeks going by too quickly this year already. Next weekend the clocks change, nights get lighter and weather should improve. Coughs, colds and the school lurgy bugs which are coming home may become a distant memory as we move into the summer months. 

So what did my February have to offer?

Young Voices – Manchester 

View of young voices

Nathan and his school joined 8000 other children from schools across the North west to sing at the Manchester Arena. 16 songs, sung live with support from the likes of X factor winners and the lead vocalist from Basement Jaxx meant that Nathan had a fantastic time. I watched on through binoculars, so proud of my boy. 

New Music

John mayer wave 2

My music choices this month were delivered from Wave 2 of the John Mayer Album and more from Ed Sheeran – featuring John Mayer of all people! Also listening to As It Is and Panic! At The Disco. 

Chicken Pox and Lurgy bugs

Poorly boy poorly mamma

We were infested with the pox and were forced into hibernation for a week while Nathan recovered. I convinced myself I had shingles but was informed that you can’t catch it from chicken pox, it can flare up any time. I just had a virus and was poorly at the same time as Nathan. We felt sorry for ourselves and drank too much tea. 



While in our quarantine I binge watched Daredevil seasons one and two, it was awesome!

Breakfast at the Worsley Marriott Hotel

Breakfast at Worsley Marriott Hotel

Full review will be out soon on a Foodie Friday post, but wow! If you are looking for somewhere special for breakfast, you need to go here. The waffles are amazing.

Pop over to out Youtube channel to see the highlights for February in our video scrap book.

And now we are in March. Check back soon for our March round up. 

Love, hugs and waffles 

V X 

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