Tired of worn out tyres!

If you have followed my blog and social media channels for some time you may know my ongoing saga with my car.  Let’s just give you a little recap in case you are new or have not been kept up to date with my car woes. 

  • Blown out tyre on m62 junction 9 
  • Blown out tyre on m6 junction 32 
  • Snapped gear cable 
  • Broken drive shaft 
  • New Car!!!
  • Electrical fault with windows meaning they go down on their own
  • And the most recent and most expensive – needing four new tyres as mine were illegal.

I cover a lot of miles per year and with two blow outs in under a year, you think I would learn tyre safety. Well seeing the recent state of my tyres when I went to the garage recently, it has really hit home. I was about to undertake a 500 mile round trip to London and back and I was told that I would have been lucky if I got half way without one or more blowing out. Previously I have opted for part worn or reconditioned tyres on my car but have found with the miles I cover that I need something more substantial. 

Having a blow out on the motorway is no laughing matter. It is very scary and I was very glad that both times I was in the slow lane as I was coming up to a junction and ready to turn off. If you have ever had a blow out the stearing goes completely and your first instinct is to slam on the brakes, but that is not always possible or safe as you can send the car into a spin. By indicating or putting hazard lights on and moving to the hard shoulder or side of the road, carefully applying the brakes and letting the car come to a natural stop before applying the hand brake and putting the car in park is the best solution. Obviously this doesn’t always happen and panic can set in, it can happen so quickly, but remaining calm is needed. 

It is best to schedule in for your tyres to be checked, rotated and changed on a regular basis to avoid incidents like I have had. Even if you are with a breakdown service like I am, blow outs are not covered. They can recover you but you will still need to purchase a new tyre and have it fitted before you can continue on with your journey. My car does not have a spare either, but of yours does, make sure that it is also checked on a regular basis and you have everything like locking wheel nuts and the correct tools to change your tyre in a secure place in the car too.  

Road trip with friends

It is always worth shopping around for tyres to get a good deal and by remaining local you are also not putting so many miles on your car and helping yhe environment. National firm Point S have locations across the UK in their network of local tyre suppliers and fitters. They provide local fitting service to save on time and trouble. Their online booking system is free to use and very handy for scheduling in your tyre checks.

For tyres in Clitheroe or anywhere else in UK, Point S website has FREE online bookings service which I would recommend where you can schedule your tyre checks in advance 

Remember to stay safe on the roads!

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Point S.

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