Some guidelines for men when it comes to online dating – choosing the right photo

I have previously written about some of my experiences in the online dating world including dates and messages which have really stood out for me. It has taken a while, and I did have to kiss a few frogs along the way, but I eventually have found my knight in shining armour and not an idiot in tin foil.

Browsing through various sites and you get to see the same faces, the same photos and the sane cringe worthy mistakes which men make in their attempt to find a date. I am by no means an expert at Internet dating but there are some rules which men – and maybe women too, should know when it comes to attracting your match. 

This is basic dating 101 and still looking through there are some photos out there which really make you tilt your head wondering what, who or where it’s been taken. 

First things first, do not take a picture in the bathroom, especially on the toilet. There is no need. Mirror selfies are so 2012 as almost all phones have a decent front facing camera. 

Try not to choose a photo where it looks like you are out on the piss, it may seem like it’s promoting that you are out for a good time, but really it just shouts “Drunkard”. 

Try to smile, it makes people so much more attractive. I’m not talking a “Here’s Johnny” type smile, but something to show you are not a cyborg!

Stop using random filters on you photos as we need to see who you are, we are not going to look for someone when meeting in a sepia tone or black and white. The same goes for snapchat filters too, not needed.

If it’s a group photo, make sure it’s easy to spot who you are. A big red arrow is useful, don’t leave it to guess work, especially if every profile photo you have is a group shot. We are not detectives!

Do not upload photos with exes or attractive women who you are draping yourself over, it makes women think they have no chance. 

Do not post memes. That’s not you, a motivational quote may be nice, but won’t show off who you are. And please, no minions!

I do have a lovely collection of photos which I have saved from dating sites which will make even the hardcore of Internet dating folk raise an eyebrow. Obviously I can not post them here but if you ever meet me and would like a giggle, I would be happy to show you some highlights! 

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