2016 Round Up

It’s almost midnight, Boxing Day is almost over and I am tired. I hurt in places I didn’t know existed, I have laughed, I have cried, I have cooked, I have been a hostess, I have eaten and drunk way too much and I have loved every moment of it. Now its all over, I should be sleeping but my brain will not switch off so I have decided to cover what 2016 meant to me and my highs and lows in a year in review style round up post.

I had all good intentions of becoming a vlogger and properly launching my channel in 2016, well two channels to be exact. But, and I know that this sounds like a lame ass excuse, but the year went by so fast and has thrown a few curve balls at me which is have accepted in my stride, I am carrying on my intentions into 2017. I was astounded to find out that one of my videos from last year, Unboxing Thunderbird 2 Girocopter, has almost 4000 views and is one of my worst videos ever made! I look awful and Nathan almost cuts my hands off too! I think there are more unboxing videos coming soon if people are enjoying them so much.

Jan – March 2016 

A very quiet start to the year for Nathan and I. We were still unpacking and getting settled in our little cottage in the countryside. Nothing really exciting happened. In hospital a bit in early Jan, spend a few weeks getting back on my feet.

April – June 2016

This is when the year got interesting. Plenty of car trouble, blow out on the motorway on the way to Blog On MSI, snapped gear cable and the garage telling me that my car had to go to the scrap heap in the sky. This also meant that I got some swanky new wheels and decided as it was just Nathan and I that I should buy a convertable. Something to tick off my bucket list! 

Nathan was involved in Mini Mudder with Ed Stafford and loved our road trips around the country. It was during this part of the year that Nathan was also involved in cricket and cross country at school and was starting to really show an interest in sports and clubs. 

It was around this time which I also decided that I may like to try dating again after being single for a while. There were some interesting events and conclusions about dating as a single mother which I am turning into a Youtube series next year!

Drove to London for BritMums Live and survived. Loved being a room host but missed out on spending time chatting with brands. Missed that my old blogging buddies from previous years were not there. Lots of new bloggers to meet and chat to though! 

There is summer in the air, I buy garden furniture but the weather changes and I never get round to putting it all together. Let’s hope that there us a summer next year.

July – Sept 2016

Nathan turned 10, and to celebrate his birthday we get a new addition to the household – Juniper. A very crazy kitten who has fitted right in with us all! I set up my office space and craft cupboard. Launch my Christmas Gift Guide Appeal in good time with all good intentions too.

July I was also back in hospital for more tests, told that I was now ok and things should improve. 

Made some new friends, spend hours driving across the North West for blogging events. Started learning about essential oils and how amazing they can be when used correctly.

Car breaks down on the way to Blog On MSI… Again! Have an amazing time being hounded by xmas elves and meeting wonderful brands.

September 16th 2016 I go on a first date, 22nd September we have date number two. From then on I am the happiest I have been in a long time!

Oct – Dec 2016 

Oh my goodness, what a crazy few months it has been. I feel like I am on a fairground ride! It stared with my house looking like Christmas had landed and thrown up everywhere and ended in much the same way! Deliveries and planning for gift guides started. My office got over run with toys, games and gadgets. Nathan had a very relaxed attitude towards it all as he is the child of a blogger and understands now that parcels mean work. He actually groans sometimes when new toys arrive.

I have a boyfriend! It becomes official on Facebook so you know it’s serious. First the tooth brushes move in, next it’s a draw and for Christmas I gave him a key. Best reaction to a present ever, I promise.

November sees me back in hospital with an emergancy operation to remove my appendix. I was terrified – I have seen that Greys Anatomy episode where George kills someone doing that procedure! Keyhole surgery, four holes in my tummy and almost a week in hospital, I am finally able to go home. The pain is horrendous but my new boyfriend plays doctor (not in that way!!) and looks after me. Of course, I now cannot blog as I’m too tired, too sore and ill and when I do try, I do too much too soon and end up back in hospital with complications. Gift guides have to take a back seat and will now be birthday gift guides and not xmas themed.

I spent Christmas with my new boyfriend and his children. My little unit of Nathan and I has now grown from 2 – 6 in a matter of months.  Nathan has already suggested I get rid of my car to make way for a people carrier. I love it. It’s chaotic and unpredictable but amazing all the same. Nathan has made new friends and I have found my missing lobster… (Friends reference, 20 motherhood points if you get it.)

With just a few days left of 2016 I can honestly say that it’s been ok, but not wowed me like I expected. The end of the year got much better and it will be ending on a high as I bring in the new year with my boyfriend. I actually get to have a snog at midnight too, that is if we have not fallen asleep because the children have worn us out.

I would love to hear about your 2016 highs and lows. What personal things happened to you which have made 2016 memorable? Drop a comment below or on Facebook to let me know.

Love, hugs and new year snogs 

Vicky xx

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