Creativity and Self Doubt


There are days when I love what I do.  Its not a normal 9 – 5 job and the unexpected can arise from anywhere – an event to attend, the post man with a parcel, a blog post online which really moves you.  But with a job not being normal, there comes peaks and troughs of activity which can come like waves of emotion.  When you are riding the high after a blogging event or having just published a post which is getting great feedback, it can feel amazing.

Then there are the days where you have writers block.  You hate your layout, your social media interaction is zero, and bar posting a naked photo of yourself online for shits and giggles, you wonder why you do this. What is the point? Self doubt raises its ugly head and I am sure that every single creative person out there in the universe has had a battle with self doubt on a number of occasions.  I know for one that I have this a lot.

I am always asked how I have the drive to keep going when the self doubt gremlins bite at your ankles and make me feel like jacking it all in.  The answer is easy for me – I take a break and walk away from everything for a while.  For many that may feel like a cheats way out, I have been told to tackle things head on and push on, but that becomes counter productive and I get into a right funk that can have a knock on effect to those around me, which is never any fun.

When I take a break away, I use my time to do things outside of my comfort zone.  This may be going places on my own when I would normally go with friends or even Nathan, but in going by myself I get to people watch and look at things in a different way that may indulge my creative side.  People watching is a wonderful hobby to pass the time and get ideas firing again.  Other things I do are socialise with friends, listen to music and dance like a loony, read other blogs or books and of course, the best thing of all, sleep.

At the moment I am not suffering with this issue of not having anything to write about, which makes a change.  I actually have too many ideas going on in my head and getting them all down and making them make sense to others is the issue I am trying to combat at the moment.  So much to blog, so little time!


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